Top Games for Google Chrome

By | June 19, 2014

There are thousands of Games which are available in the Google Chrome Store, this article gives you the top and best games after filtering the thousands of games. The Game includes casual fun, Zen Puzzle, Rich 3D graphics, Arcade Style multiplier, Adventures and may more.

Now all you need to know is which games are worth your precious time. Below are our choices for the best Google Chrome games ready for the taking. Be sure to check out our picks for the best Chrome extensions and best Chrome themes if you want to truly immerse yourself in the Chrome experience. This article brings the Top Games for Google Chrome simply follow the Games which are mentioned below

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

This one of the best and interesting Games which is available in the Smartphone and Google Chrome as well, And this version of Angry Bird is the same old Angry Birds people seem to know and love, but this time in full-screen browser mode. As usual, players shoot the warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrates via slingshot at a horde of greedy pigs hellbent on eradicating the birds. The physics-based game can prove challenging at times not to mention frustrating  but it’s worth a gander given the Chrome-exclusive levels and the ability to save your progress in the cloud.

Drivers Parking

parking Car

If you are good at parking the car then you need to try this interested Car Parking Game, Google chrome is the place where you can practice the this type of skills. The Game very simple and easy to play and the aim if the game is to park the car by not hitting to any Car around you.The less time you take to park which chances of getting more points.

Spark Chess 6


For the players who are interested they are really will feel excited, These game can be played in the any free time. The main asset of this game is 3D graphics that enables the users to play this game with their friends. This game difficult levels which makes you to play skillful.

Kingdom Rush


Actually the Kingdom Rush is high quality tower defense game which is interesting and challenging, Even if your are sick of the tower defense genre in general this one is worth checking out. In the Game Kingdom Rush contains large amount of enemies with their own strength and weakness. It has many different types of towers,spells for the player a tech tree to spend the points between the missions and more.

Monster Dash

Monster Dash is genuine throw back to the 2D side scrolling phenomenon which took the world by a storm back in a day. You play as Barry steak fries, the renowned business man from Half brick’s jet pot and joy ride as he travels to different directions and blast his way by hordes of enemies. There are only two buttons to the master jump and shoot. Easy to play the game and pretty straight forward. Collect the awards snag weapon pick ups and upload your high score to the online leader boards for a little social involvement. Initially the game will Start easily later makes you difficult to play.

Happy Friday


The game happy Friday is pretty good and easy to play, there is an orange creature and red creatures. The main of this game is orange creature which is you have to escape from the red creatures and have to eat donuts. The controls of this game is very easy so no limit any age candidate can play this game with out tensions. You have to avoid the obstacles and figure out how to use the environment yo to get through the levels and fight the red monsters. You can also turn to a ball to move faster to get through the pipes and tubes, Stay stand to jump.



If you are interested to play the puzzle games once you try this Bejeweled game, In this users have to swap the gems in the same color and have to make or collect points. The graphics of this game is simply super this is also one of the asset of the game to enable the users. Actually in this there are two modes namely classic and speared. No age limit to play this game every one can play this game.



Entanglement is a HTML based puzzle game complete with Zen-like relaxing music. It’s so good that Google once shipped it with Chrome by default. In Entanglement, you place etched tiles onto a hexagonal grid, extending the path as much as possible without running into a wall or dead end.



The game Bastion is similar to RPG which is interesting try your hands to play this game once. This in this game there are different levels which you need to find the secrets and objectives regarding the word is on chaos. The graphics in this game is super. This graphics and the interesting game play makes you to feel fun and excitement.

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