Top Free Android Apps to Manage Personal Finance

By | June 12, 2014
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Are you searching for the best free Android apps  which manages your Personal Finance, then this article its for you. This time  the team of The Tech Bulletin has picked the best Android Apps which can manage Personal Finance and helps you to make the budget for the month and also figures your daily expenditure and  income.

Free Android Apps to Manage Personal Finance

Personal Finance Manager Lite

The Personal Finance Manager Lite is a free app, which available in the Google’s Play Store. The Personal Finance Manager Lite is an easy to use practical App which can manage the day to day incomes and expenses. The app will analyze and take informed decisions with the help of  pie and graphical charts. And you can also keep the track of all your transactions, the app will do the book keeping and also you can export/import the data.

personal file manager-1

The app user, can add transactions easily and categorize them quickly, it is also possible to modify or delete them later in this app according to the user choice. At the present time the App maintains a Single Account with Single Currency  only and it captures the necessary and critical information, when you are adding the transaction. You can download the free version of the app from here!

Features :

  • Add, Modify or Delete Income and Expense Transactions
  • Quickly try out the app by installing sample data, there is an option to delete as well
  • Ad-Free (both in Free & Paid)
  • Balance Summary and Classic views (both in F & P)
  • Backup and Restore feature for payment mode
  • Manage categories by adding new Categories or Sub Categories for (Paid)
  • Change the look and feel of the App by customizing the App color


The DailyCash is an easy finance tool which has a wide range of features. The German magazine “Android Magazin” gives 4 stars out of 5. The app is easy to use and maintain your budget. It has a really attractive user interface which is well designed and easy to use. The app is specially designed for the Smartphone user and it can support more than one language such as German, English and Polish also. It is a free app, by which it supports the ads. You can check the app from here!.


Features :

  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Easy calculates the  daily expenditure
  • Shows the  expenditure and income  difference via Pie Chart
  • Available free in Store

Personal Finance Manager

Personal Finance Manager Android app is developed by ifreebudget. It is a free app which can manage your personal finances. It has an ability  to track  the expenses and manage your budgets with an intuitive user interface and  also has an ability to import bank and credit card statements from  your Google Drive. This app can create monthly and weekly budgets and track expenses which is totally based on  the budget to see where you are spending most of the money of your income. It also offers reminder  to the user. You can download this app here!

finance manger app for android

Features :

  • Save backups to your Google Drive.
  • Share backups between multiple devices to keep them in sync.
  • Fully customizable accounts and categories.
  • Create monthly and weekly budgets and track expenses based on a budget to see where you are spending more money.
  • Recurring expenses or incomes with reminders.
  • Weekly or monthly cash flow report for overall picture of your finances.
  • It can support to create nested categories and accounts easily.


The iWallet  is a Powerful,  inexpensive tool which takes care of your money management in your Android Smartphone. The app is able to record your expenses with a few taps. The iWallet app has properly journalizing and analyzing your spendings, you will be able to find where leaks in your pocket. Just by knowing where you spend your money unnecessarily it will lead you to stop them all. The app is available free you can download from here!.iwallet-1

Features :

  • Maintain multiple accounts (Cash, Bank, Credit card, Loans, Assets, etc.)
  • Record your mode of payment.
  • Analyze your spendings between different budgets
  • It can Compare your Income vs your expense categorywise, modewise, vendorwise and period wise
  • Analyze your spendings between different budgets
  • View your account statement easily for different time frames.
  • Backup your data.
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Search your expenses easily.
  • Password recovery option
  • Create your own mode of payment and vendors.
  • Create your budget for different time cycles (yearly, monthly, weekly and daily)
  • Compare your spendings with past spendings (previous weeks, previous months and previous years)
  • Visualize your spendings, budget wise in realtime from your dashboard.
  • The app offered a Graphically picturise your budgets with Pie Charts.
  • Create a multiple Budgets category wise, Payment wise and Vendor wise across different time cycles
  • Link your expense to the vendor
  • Your dashboard alerts you about your spendings against budget.