Top eCommerce websites in China

By | September 12, 2014

As every one knows China is one of the biggest counties in the world which has enormous online market in the world, As per critics in coming few years China will be the top in the online websites. According to the estimates China’s eCommerce sales are set to grow nearly 64% in 2014 and leaps and bounds higher than any other country in the world. In this article lets us discuss about the best eCommerce websites in China.

Below picture represent the list regarding best eCommerce websites in China, lets us see this sites in detail :


This is the largest Comprehensive retailer which as twelve main categorizes with more than thousands of brands, The products like home electronic appliances, Home needs, Computers and their peripherals, Digital Communications, Clothing materials, Baby care needs, Sports kits and products, Stationary products, Books, Tourism products and food items comes under this site.

This site was establishes in the year 1996, basically this site is related to Clothing and also we can say this is the china’s largest online retailer. includes all the brands like national as well as international brands it also features a Own brands of Euromoda, Ram Page, as well as hundreds of home made brands. Even this site includes men and women clothing accessorizes like shoes, makeup kits, materials and many more.

M18.ComJoyo( Amazon China)

In the year 2000 Joyo website was established, this is one of the well know website all over china later in 2004 this was over taken by the Amazon in August 2004. It provides more than 1.5 million products including watches, audio and video products, Software, Computers peripherals, Books, Clothing, Home needs, all electronic goods.




Vancl is an online market place which has phenomenon success rate of selling their own brands which includes T-shirts till 2012, This eCommerce website is selling all the products not only own brands also third party brands.



This is the second largest retailer store in United states of America, then they introduced in Chinese counter Newegg advertises a superior shopping experience for consumers, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service. It features cell phones, computers, household appliance, and other high-tech products.



This is the small ebusiness model with innovative fusion of traditional retail with modern core network platform and and call center services with advanced and improved efficiency of distribution system. successful and non store rental bossiness models truely offered efficient for customers with good quality shoes and high quality clothing.


Red kids shopping network was established in the march 2004, through catalogs and internet 1 shopping and cheap products.



This store is the china’s leading online fashion bags, direct website Wheat bag was born in September 2007, by Italy in recent centuries-old luggage VISCONTI DIFFUSIONE SNC Angel Fund, the establishment of the family group together. Wheat bags to create bags new mode of fast fashion, as Chinese consumers with high performane multi-brand fashion bag.


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