Top Developers Meet and Conferences in the World

By | July 2, 2014
Developers Meet and Conferences

Many of us came across the big trade events and conferences which were held all over the world, Now organizers are providing the events specially for the developers to get the user perspective and insights into the byzantine labyrinth of legacy software suites that so many customers still depend on. But the well spring of innovation is best discovered at events that focus on developers.

These are mid-to-small-sized events that give you the chance to talk to developers and learn what is happening on the front lines of technology development. This article brings you the top developers meet and conferences in the world. Follow the events as shown in this post.


when Defrag started seven years ago in 2007, cloud computing was in its infancy, APIs were little known outside of a few engineers, and the Internet of Things, drones and robotics were the things of science fiction. This year also they are conducting a conference in the Month of November 19th and 20th 2014. The main motto of this event is to focus on providing an unparalleled attendee experience, offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the busy leaders of technology to gather together, make valuable connections, and inspire each other with insight, foresight and new learning. Click Here for further details.

AWS re:invent

This even going to be held on November 11th of this year 20014, The organizers are showing confidence and as it has potential to became most important event til dated. It attracts people from consumer- and enterprise-focused services, cloud customers and a concentration of developers who are sophisticated in the workings of Amazon Web Services. For registration and to get more information about this conference event click here to visit this event official website. 

Google I/O

This was the event held at end of the last year and It’s become one of the most important developer conferences on the planet. Even you can find the live session recording available on the online. I can assure you that if you go through Google I/O event definetly you will gain the knowledge. Click Here to visit the recording version of this event.


Over period of decade the event OSCON has been the gathering place for the entire open source community. It’s where all the pieces of the open platform come together. Unlike other conferences that focus entirely on one language or part of the stack, OSCON deals with the open source ecosystem in its entirety, exactly as you approach it in your work. Click Here to visit this website.

Tech Crunch Dispute

This conference is simply the most global startup event in the world with one of the most lively hackathons you will find. For more details and information Click Here.

Cloud Connect

This event is also a good one,The conference where the leading minds of the cloud computing world come to meet and discuss infrastructure, IT, the enterprise and developer practices. Click on link which is provide to visit the official website Cloud Connect.

Strange Loop

This Strange loop conference which is discuss about the alternative data bases, emerge languages, concurrency, Distributed systems, Mobile development and web. Click Here to know more information which is help full for the developers.