Top astronomy apps for iOS devices

By | August 26, 2014
Astronomy apps for idevices

If you are looking for the best astronomy apps for iOS devices which includes iPhone as well as iPad, as there are lots of apps in the App store but in this article we are providing the best among them. If you wants to brush your knowledge regarding the astronomy follow this post which is useful to gain knowledge by using this top rated Astronomy apps.


When it comes to celestial news and events, NASA is the most respected name out there. The NASA App is a great resource for space exploration news, Twitter notifications about upcoming astronomical events, and ISS and Earth orbiting satellite trackers.

The NASA App is ideal for fans of space exploration, people who love space photography, or people who want all of NASA’s various Twitter accounts viewable in a single, easy-to-view app. If you are interested to get this application through App store or Click Here to download this website.

Sky View Satellite Guide

When you are looking at the night sky, we can’t forget that there are tremendous amounts of satellites in orbit. These can be just as interesting as the stars themselves. SkyView Satellite guide lets you find out where they are, who launched them, and a ton more. Not only that, you can also watch specific satellites and even receive push notifications alerting you when a specific one will be overhead. From the makers of the award winning SkyView app comes a stunning new way to discover over 20,000 satellites day or night. you can download this Sky view Satellite Guide here which costs Free.

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 has some of the most beautiful and breathtaking animations and 3D renders you’re going to find in an astronomy app. Just point your iPhone towards the sky in any direction to see information on what you’re looking at. To go along with it, Star Walk 2 also features a great soundtrack complete with sound effects.

Every single star shown on your screen now has coordinates so you can easily view a constellation from any vantage point. The now and later feature in Star Walk 2 lets you see not only what the sky looks like now, but how it will look like at a later period in time, whether that’s tonight or several months from now.

This application will charge around $2.99 Click Here to Download this application.

Star Chart

Star Chart is used by over 10 million people, making it one of the most popular astronomy apps on mobile. Star Chart is an augmented reality app, When you point your device at the sky, the app tells you exactly what constellations or phenomena you are observing. This AR feature has a cool added feature: When you point the device at the ground, you’ll see what people on the other side of the planet are seeing when they look at the night sky.

Star Chart is an exceptional app because of its gorgeous User Interface, robust celestial database, and cool “ Time Shift” feature that lets you see what the night sky will look like in the distant future. With info on some 120,000 stars, this app is a must-own for casual astronomy fans. You can