Top Android Apps for Kids Education


The Android market is full with packed applications, Hundred and thousands of applications are available in the Google Play store, Day to day the application are increasing. Even you can find the Android applications for Kids Education too, Only in the education segment you can find over 3000 applications to download. This article bring you the best and top rated Android apps for kids education.

Home Work

Actually Home work is not a Fun application, It is a helped one aiming to the older kids, By using this app they can schedule homework and lessons, set reminders, plan for exam revision and manage their time more effectively. It works well on a tablet, supporting both screen angles and is extremely intuitive to use. This comes with five main screens

  • Main menu.
  • List with all homework assignments, sorted on data.
  • List with all Exams, sort on data.
  • Time table for the current day.
  • Time table for the current week.

Suppose if any one interested to download the this Application Homework Click Here. Over all I can say is this application really makes the kids improvement.

istory Books

This app is like a free story books with fun pictures, texts and audio for your little ones, parent can add or remove books the child’s library. parent section of the app is protected. I can say this app is a simple fun and sweet application for the children. In this application they included around eleven books. Every two weeks they will add new stories.


Ant Smasher


This is a free game which crosses over 80 million downloads. Definitely kids likes to play Ant Smasher, Actually this is an entertaining game for kids, boys and girls. The features of this application are as follow

  • Several Ants to smash.
  • You should not touch bee, which comes in between Ants.
  • Different addictive game modes.
  • Funny application for time pass.

0-10 number

0-10 number Baby Flashcards are fun for babies and toddlers. Numbers Flash cards will entertain and teach them as they learn the numbers, count and hear the words. With quiz and practice modes. the features of  this 0-10 numbers are given below.

  • 0-10 Numbers Baby Flashcards
  • Language/Sounds: English
  • 22 Card Set
  • Ad-Supported

Kids numbers and maths

Kids Numbers and Math-580-90

This application is purely entertaining for the kids the basic stepping stones into the world of numbers. The app is hugely entertaining and kids will enjoy learning the numbers 1-20 with the variety of exercises on offer. The paid version allows for more customization but the free version is just fine for number learning fun. If you are interested click here to download the application.

Aniworld lite

Aniworld is a free and excellent app specially designed for kids aged one to five. It teaches kids the names of different animals and gives them a chance to feed and pet them. While the app itself is very basic, it’s the “Hey, pet me” feature that will have you and your kids rolling on the floor. Over all I can say that Your kid would love this game and will learn more about animals and their habitat.

Steamy Window

The steam covers the whole screen and you can wipe it off again with your fingers. Rainy weather on your phone, lots of fun! One of the classic free fun apps available for Android. This features of the Steamy Window are as below

  • Moving waterdrops form under your finger when you wipe the foggy window
  • The water drops formed from the fog always run down, even if you turn your phone.
  •  Select a custom fun background image to wipe off the water (in the menu)
  • Blow into the microphone to get the hot steam into the screen.