Top 10 websites for college students

By | October 28, 2014
top 10 websites for college students

Now a days every one is aware of internet so there are many websites and apps are available. Here in this article there is a list of ten websites that every college student should know, or at least be aware of. By knowing this websites definitely I am giving assurance that definitely you will gain some knowledge regarding many things which includes today’s technology, college humor, Books and many more. Follow this guide to know about top 10 websites for college students.

Fast web

This website Fast Web matches college students with scholarships and financial aid offers. You simply create a profile and answer survey questions. Fast web will find scholarships that you’re most likely to qualify for based on your answers. This website has a data base of around 1.5 million scholarships. i think this is the first place soon to be college students should start. This websites also offers the career advice and college searches. If you are interested to visit this website Click Here Fast Web.

College Ruled

This is a site that provides you the easy and simple way to keep the track of your schedule contact classmate and work on group projects, mainly the user interface of this site is easy. Purpose of this website is to allow you to organize the college life in one place. Interested candidates clcik here to visit the site College Ruled.


Drop Box

Dropbox is a cloud tool that has been a lifesaver for me a million times. Registering is free and gives you 2GB of space. You can use a Dropbox folder on your computer like any other folder and if you’re like me and use a hefty desktop along with a petite netbook, it’ll automatically sync any updated documents. No more emailing drafts of papers back and forth between one place and another.


For those of you who use only one laptop or desktop, Dropbox can also help. When a file is updated, it is also backed up on Dropbox’s server, so if you forget to email yourself a paper to print out, just login to the Dropbox website, download it, and print it! If you accidentally deleted something, you can even restore it through Dropbox.

It is a free budgeting website/app that will helps you to make sense of your financial situation. It’s a great tool for college students that are n’t getting a full ride and need to learn or practice how to budget money.

There is no secret that here at The College Investor we think college students should be mindful of their money. That’s because the earlier you develop smart money habits and begin to save and invest, the better off you will be. When you sign up with you will simple link up your banking and credit card accounts and mint will pull your statements. Organize the budget categories and show you where all your money is going and this is the one of the simple way to make sure you are staying on budget. Click here to visit this


Glass Door

If you are looking for a internship program or first job out of college then visit Glass Door website which helps you to choose the companies should and should not work for. Even through this website Glass Door website you can know the companies ratings given by the past or current employee. You can know salaries for specific jobs, and learn how the interview process works at different companies. As I mentioned earlier you can know the available jobs and internships. Click Here to visit this Glass Door website.


Easy Bib

There are multiple bibliography generating sources but Easy Bib is my favorite. When you’re writing a research paper into the odd hours of the night, the last thing you want to do is open up that MLA handbook and squint your eyes at getting the right format. Instead, at EasyBib you can either manually plug in your source’s information or paste the ISBN and the website will generate your up-to-date and properly formatted MLA citation. You can put in multiple sources and pull up the full works cited page or copy paste it manually one by one. Note: For any other styles besides MLA, it is not free. Click Here to view Easy Bib.


Google Docs

This is the website that every college student must know about it, These is a easy share-able documents that are invaluable at every step of learning process for peer editing to study the guides and reviewing.

The Google docs app makes this service available so that you can edit, view and share the documents when ever you don’t have personal Computer. You can use this when ever you have a class group project or when you are working on a group research paper or any study guide. The Google Docs allows you to share the document with multiple people. You will have automatic access to Google Docs if you have an account in gmail.



Open study

Open study is a community, students who are studying, you can meet the students studying the same group or subject will be under one community so you can share or gain the knowledge from the students or you share you knowledge to them. By using the Open Study you can build your knowledge. If you are interested Click Here to visit Open Study.

Open study

Study Blue

Over 4.5 million students are already registered with this Study Blue, which helps you with study tools, online flashcards, and ability to master flashcards. The advantage of study blue is to take notes, create flash cards, and incorporate your own images, text and quotations.

Study Blue

Study Hall

Initially it was started as place for classmates to connect and learn but as for now transformed into places where students to find internships, This website matches great and good companies for the students to do internships it will be worth for further sign up in to a company. If you are interested to view this site and wants to be a member then Click Here