Top 10 Web Browsers for Mac


Internet browsing has become one of the most important task on PC. For many of us, a computer has no use if it doesn’t have Internet connection and that too should be reliable and fast. We search thousands of things, listen music, watch videos, shop online, play games, read news, chat with friends, and lot more than that.

If you think browsing speed only depends on your internet connection speed then you are completely wrong, Your web browser plays a bigger role in getting faster response while surfing to internet. If you are on Mac then the best browsers for Windows can’t be the best for Mac as well because both the platform have different architecture. Let’s find top 10 best web browsers for Mac.

Top 10 Web Browsers for Mac

1. Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla does great on Mac platform, this is the most downloaded web browser offers all the features we like to have in browser, rest of features you can enable through its add-ons support. In terms of speed Firefox is better than any other available browser for browsing internet. Other than Mac Mozilla Firefox is also available for Windows PC, Linux, and Android System. Follow this link to download and more information about this free internet browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox Browser

2. Google Chrome Browser


Chrome is a freeware internet browser developed by Google Inc. It is one of the best and popular browser for Windows PC and here at Mac platform also at 2nd most popular browser. It is best known for its simplicity, speed, security, privacy and customization features. You can able to download free and know more about the Chrome Browser from official Google Website. Google Chrome is not only available for Windows PC but also supports on Android 4.0 or higher, iOS 6.0 or higher, Mac OSX 10.6 or higher and Linux systems as well.

3. Opera Browser


Opera offering browsing service to different platforms for years and people are appreciating them as well. It requires less memory to run and allows you browse webpages even your internet is quite slow. It works on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows platform with ease. The mobile version of opera is known as Opera Mini. Now a days Opera Mini is losing its popularity in mobiles as most of the people now have started using smartphones that supports chrome, Mozilla and other app for browsing purpose.

Download Opera Browser for Mac OS X

4. Safari Web Browser


Unlike Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari is also much popular among Max OS X users. Instead of they they prefer to for either Chrome or Mozilla. However Safari is the official browser from Apple to Mac and iOS  devices, it comes in-built with Mac systems. There is now doubt Safari is a decent browser but somewhere it lack in features, speed and customization options.

Download Safari for Mac OS X

5. Torch Browser


Using the same chromium project as like Chrome, Torch browser is the most popular Chromium browser. It comes with additional features such as torrent support, Torch Music, video download, social sidebar, emoji, etc. are some of the great features that make people love this browser. It supports almost all chrome extension to endlessly increase its feature, depending on your needs.

Download Torch for Mac

6. Rocketmelt Browser


Rocket melt is known for Facebook integration for internet users who don’t want to miss anything happening around Facebook. For full use of this browser you must have an Facebook account. When installed, connect your Facebook account with RocketMelt, approves permissions for its app and the browser will let you control almost every feature of Facebook and most of the time, you will not need to visit Facebook to check notifications, messages or anything.

Download Rocketmelt Browser for Mac

7. Camino Web Browser


Camino is not comparable to them who claims to handle complex tasks or have many included features but the browser is capable enough to do the basic task of browsing. Its an open source browser that’s designed to be lightweight and simple to use. However it uses Mozilla Firefox rendering system to be quick and fast rather than showing more advanced features.

Download Camino Browser

8. OmniWeb Browser


It’s a feature filled native web browser that will allows you explore each website without any compatibility issue or problems. It comes with many of additional features which are not offered by most of the mainstream web browsers for available for Mac. One of the highlight feature of this browser is automatic rendering that offers fast web browsing.

Download OmniWeb Browser

9. Maxthon Browser


Maxthon Web browser officially known as Maxthon Cloud browser is a freeware browser developed by Maxthon Ltd available for both Max OS X and Windows. It also supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone platform as Maxthon Mobile. If you want to taste some browser other than the top listed one, I would recommend you to try this one.

Additionally, the interesting Cloud Push feature is most loved tool of Maxthon which lets you to push browsed website to online cloud account, or a specific device or to a friend.

Download Maxthon Browser

10. FlockWeb Browser


The FlockWeb browser is also developed on Firefox technology looks almost similar to Firefox by design but there are few major differences between Firefox browser and this one. It comes with Social Sharing tool bar to help tech savvy to share anything quickly on different social media, it also allows you to see what your friends have share, or tweets etc.

Downlaod FlockWeb Browser