Top 10 Web Browsers for Linux Platform


Now a days even a computer is useless without internet connection and to use internet connection in our laptop or PC there must have installed any web browser to surf web pages through internet. We search thousands of things, listen music, watch videos, shop online, play games, read news, chat with friends, and lot more than that.

If you think browsing speed only depends on your internet connection speed then you are completely wrong, Your web browser plays a bigger role in getting faster response while surfing to internet. No doubt, Linux is the best and most secure operating system offers limited but powerful features. Most of the corporate companies uses go for Linux platform rather than Windows or Mac to get most out of it. But when you go for browsing internet you must have to think while installing browsers on it. As the Linux Operating system is not much popular among normal users as managing this is quite different than Mac or Windows.

If you are searching for top 10 best web browsers for Linux Platforms then go through the list we have posted in this article to download the best one on your computer running Linux.

Top 10 Web Browsers for Linux Platform

1. Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is the most popular and reliable web browser for Linux and Ubuntu system. In terms of speed Firefox is better than any other available browser for browsing internet. Other than Linux, Mozilla Firefox is also available for Windows PC, Mac, and Android System. This is also true that in Linux market there are very less software for this purpose to compete with.

2. Chromium Browser


Chromium is the best alternative of Firefox browser for those who want to take break with the pre installed browser to get something new and feature filled stuffs. Chromium is an open source of very popular Chrome Browser from Google, popular among Windows Platform. It is best known for its simplicity, speed, security, privacy and customization features. You can able to download free and know more about the Chrome Browser from official Google Website.

3. Elinks


This will be quite interesting for Windows or Mac users as the features of this browser are quite different and amazing. Elinks is a text based browser similar to the classic Lynx browser. It launches inside a Terminal window and allows you play with only the text of websites, no images, javascript, or Flash. As it doesn’t download anything other than texts, this is very fast in terms of browsing webpages.

4. Opera Browser


This is one of the most controversial browsers available for Linux. Many people think it’s the best browser on any platform, while others would never install a browser that isn’t open source. Opera offering browsing service to different platforms for years and people are appreciating them as well. It requires less memory to run and allows you browse webpages even your internet is quite slow.

5. Web (Epiphany)


Earlier this software was known as Epiphany and now has become Web, is like the granddaddy of simple web browsers, offering a simple user interface years before Chrome came on the role. The browser is very speedy and polished, offering more features with each release. Web makes a great simple alternative to Firefox and Chrome. For normal browsing this is perfect.

6. Links 2


Links 2 is also a text based browser like Elinks but it supports basic image and javascript. It’s kind of like using the web in the Mosaic days. I’m not quite sure when Links would be useful, but if you’re looking for a text-based browser that supports images, Links is for you. I am sure any top ranked browser can’t compete with its speed and the most importantly it gets updated to support advancements in HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

7. Flock Browser


The FlockWeb browser is also developed on Firefox technology looks almost similar to Firefox by design but there are few major differences between Firefox browser and this one. It comes with Social Sharing tool bar to help tech savvy to share anything quickly on different social media, it also allows you to see what your friends have share, or tweets etc.

8. Midori


Midori is very lightweight and fast, but still has a lot of features. Amazingly, Midori is quick and can be useful for sites like Facebook which tend to slow down Firefox. Users concerned about privacy will be interested to know that Midori features Duck Duck Go as the default search engine, offers built-in ad blocking and good cookie control.

9. QupZilla


Whenever we go for something to grab a new stuff even if you already have one of same kind we look to get more features and accessibility. QupZilla also features a reasonably simple interface that will seem familiar to new users. The browser is packed with almost all basic features, but really offers nothing new or unique when compared to Firefox or Chromium.

10. SlimBoat


SlimBoat is a closed source proprietary browser for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is advertised as being super fast, easy-to-use and secure, but I can’t say it is any of the above. Performance wise, it noticeably slower than Firefox and Chrome, its preferences are confusing, and it looks like it would be more at home on Windows 95 than Ubuntu.