Top 10 video games of all time


There are many video games available in the market through this article we are listing the top 10 video games all the time with respective sells and most popular to know about it you have to follow this guide.


Portal was released in the year 2007, and this game makes you feel for its characters, even when its characters are more often than not robots. Or cubes. Or just sketches on the wall. And then for another, the standardized way in which we interact with video games would have to change. Portal is able to communicate its message through the genius melding of verbal and nonverbal storytelling, where the words of the actors interplay with the gameplay in the field. The mind-altering and progressively devious portal mechanic radically changed the way the gaming industry challenges players.


Half life 2

This was released in the year 2004 which was developed and published by valve corporation. I can say this game brought a new use of game physics excelled its predecessor with in all areas including game play, sound and story. If you still find the orange box version you also get the copy of original portal.


Grand Theft Auto 5

This was released in the year 2013 and this is a PS2 game  San Andreas with the detail and quality of GTA4 to create a stunning, massive yet insanely detailed space in which to spend hours, nay, months of highest-quality game time. A mature, savvy game full of social commentary, it’s dressed up in consequence-free destruction that appeals to the lowest common denominator, which means there is something of worth in GTA5 for every gamer.


Super smash Bros Brawl

Super smash bros brawl is currently the best encapsulation of all the above, which is why Smash Bros. is so addicting. There have been a few imitators, but none have been able to duplicate Smash’s addicting combination of manic action and hidden depth. And while high-level smashers may prefer Melee, Brawl gets the edge by being a little more inviting and having seemingly limitless nostalgia for the entirety of Nintendo’s history.


Prince of Persia

Prince of persia is an interesting game which was released too long back in the year 1989, almost 25 years back. This game was developed by published bu Border Bund.  This game all about prince and princess.

prince of persia

When a prince is thrown into the Jaffar’s dungeons, he must fight his way out to defeat Jaffar and save the princess he loves.Prince of Persia was renowned for its visuals at its time of release. It inspired a new generation of platformers, moving the entire genre forward. The game has been ported to many devices by a number of developers and publishers.

 Sonic the Hedge hog 2

This is also a popular and very old game which was released in the year 1992, After Sonic catapulted onto the gaming scene in 1991, all eyes were on the hog’s first sequel the following year. It didn’t disappoint. Cutting the majority of levels to two acts meant there could be a greater variety of colorful, parallax backgrounds to see on your hour-long dash toward the climactic final boss.


The 16-bit hardware sings as Sonic rolls into a ball, battling inertia with never-bettered physics, and streaming images into your brain faster than it can cope with them. Fortunately, these moments of incredispeed are used sparingly, balanced out with measured and rewarding platforming stretches. But when the game shifts into top speed, the super-slick movement is still utterly gorgeous. Even after the game’s long-beaten, there’s still the prospect of speedruns and no-score runs to keep things fresh. It’s this variety and longevity that has kept Sonic 2 relevant, still filling up countless YouTube channels.

Halo 4

This game was released in the year 2012, actually this game is a textbook lesson in how to refresh an aging franchise. Keeping everything that’s good intact while retooling and reinvigorating it for the next stage of the franchise, Halo 4 is a mighty end-of-generation parting shot that ensures Master Chief’s status as console shooter king is as dominant now as it was when the series first hit the Xbox 360.

Halo 4

Team Fortress 2

This game was released in the year 2007 and the game was developed and published by the valve corporation. Team Fortress 2 debuted as part of Orange box and quickly became the standard for team based first person shooters. Besides strong class based game play, Team Fortress 2 also has a unique style of graphics with a Tons of humor and hats.

Team Fortress 2

Batman : Arkham City

This is a greatest superhero game of all time is almost doing the game a disservice, because it’s much bigger than that. Building on the strengths of the incredible Arkham Asylum, City drops you into a twisted version of the streets of Gotham. Batman must navigate an open-air prison and its many gangs to stop a conspiracy that might destroy the very foundations of Gotham City. Though respectful of the Dark Knight’s history, Arkham City builds its own mythology, crafting fresh-yet-familiar rogues that are then used in some of the best boss fights in recent memory.


Chrono Trigger

This game is like a bit novel that you can read over again and again finding some thing new every time when you play, The story conveys emotions so well, and it pulls it off with 2D visuals that make today’s advanced graphics seem unnecessary. And even though one play through is epic enough to cover a lifetime, the devs hid so many secrets including 14 different endings that you’ll happily return to the game over and over again to uncover every piece of the massive narrative that’s buried inside.


Chrono Trigger is far bigger than its genre, even though it had concepts that would still be considered groundbreaking in RPG’s today. It’s the adventure of several lifetimes all carefully arranged in one enduring package.