Top 10 Video Games for PC

By | October 29, 2014
video games for pc

There are many Video games are available in the market, through this article we are listing the top 10 familiar and popular games. To know more about it you have to follow this guide. Here are the list of top video games for PC

Team Fortress 2

This game was released in the year 2007 and the game was developed and published by the valve corporation. Team Fortress 2 debuted as part of Orange box and quickly became the standard for team based first person shooters. Besides strong class based game play, Team Fortress 2 also has a unique style of graphics with a Tons of humor and hats.

Team Fortress


This game was released long back ago in the year 1993 and it was developed by Cyan and then published by Border bund, The gamer’s of this game will definitely remember the Myst incredibly immersive as a stranger of the island with puzzles and clues provided the back story on the characters and the island.


Half Life 2

Half Life 2 was released in the year 2004 which was developed and published by valve corporation, This game brought a new use of game physics excelled its predecessor with in all areas including game play, sound, and story. If you can still find the Orange Box version, you also get a copy of the original Portal, Half-Life: Episode One and Team Fortress 2.

prince of persia

Portal 2

Portal 2 was released in the year 2011 and this game was developed and published bu Valve corporation With all of its quirks and amazing writing, it was hard to think that Valve could top Portal. But they did puzzle’s are incredibly varied and challenging. It’s characters are more fleshed out. The world is expanded. The performances are incredible. It doesn’t lean on familiar jokes This game takes everything that was great about the first Portal and made it more ambitious.

portal 2

Prince of persia

Prince of persia is an interesting game which was released too long back in the year 1989, almost 25 years back. This game was developed by published bu Border Bund.  This game all about prince and princess.
When a prince is thrown into the Jaffar’s dungeons, he must fight his way out to defeat Jaffar and save the princess he loves.Prince of Persia was renowned for its visuals at its time of release. It inspired a new generation of platformers, moving the entire genre forward. The game has been ported to many devices by a number of developers and publishers.

prince of persia


Fallout was released before 18 years which was developed and published by Interplay entertainment. After a couple of years of dull RPG’s, the nuclear holocaust-themed Fallout came out when the genre badly needed it. Style, plot and detailed graphics made this game one of the best.


System Shock 2

In the year 1999 this games was released which was developed Irrational games and published by Electronic arts.

System Shock 2

Irrational Games put players on board a ship in 2114 with one dangerous goal: stop a genetic infection that has taken over the ship. It’s a mix of role-playing games, first person shooters, and adventure exploration, but is generally considered a horror game. Irrational would later call Bio Shock a spiritual successor to the System Shock series.

Left 4 Dead

This game was released in the year 2008 and developed by Turtle Rock studio, published by Valve corporation. The missions in the game keep gamer’s on their toe’s as they obliterate mobiles of Zombies in an attempt to survive. This was the game introduced highly effectively cooperative play. Only way to survive is to play together which makes gamer’s interesting.

Left 4 dead

Baldur’s gate 2 : Shadows of  Amn

In the year 2000 this game was released and was developed by Bio Ware and published by Black Isle studios, The game Baldur’s gate 2  has a deep, interesting story and improved combat that requires more strategic thinking than its predecessor. For the time, the game was absolutely beautiful.

Baldur's gate 2


 Doom became one of the most influential game of all time upon its release. It included just the right amount of guns, gore, and violence to capture the attention of millions. Too bad the movie didn’t do as good of a job. This game was released in the year 1993, developed and published by id software.