Top 10 iPad apps for Toddlers

By | October 29, 2014
talking Ben is here

Like me, you people also love getting free apps on your iPad or iPhone. If you are looking to get some of the best and interactive apps for your kids on your iPad this post might help you a lot. I found number of excellent apps that should keep your toddler entertained, and perhaps, even do a little teaching along the way.

There are few things that you need to care of before handing over your iPad to your kids like, turn of in-app purchase to avoid inappropriate purchase by mistake from your kids also better you can turn off internet as well.

Top 10 iPad apps for Toddlers

1. Chalk Pad


Every kid needs a paint canvas, and Chalk Pad is a great free alternative to some of the paid apps on the App Store for your iPad. Allowing your child to chalk it up with multiple colors, you can even change the chalk size or write one the chalk board using the on-screen keyboard. Its a fun way to learn your toddlers basic alphabets and more.

If your kid likes more colorful interface then I would suggest you to go for Drawing pad instead of Chalk Pad.

Download Chalk Pad

2. Shape Puzzle

Shape Puzzle

Playing puzzle is always a great fun, mostly in free time, now your kids can also spent some fun time with Shape Puzzle app on your iPad. This is a free version, there is one scene with 15 different animal puzzles, each of which has about 7 pieces(See image above). You can upgrade to 8 different scenes for 99 cents. According to the review kids love to play this game a lot, and also some parents have listed this as their favorite app of all time for their kids.

Download Shape Puzzle

3. Maily- your Kids first Mail

Maily- your Kids first Mail

Though it might still be a while until your toddler needs to send emails, it can be a nice way for them to keep in contact with family members staying in other state or country. Maily is a parent-controlled email account that makes the task very easy to create images and messages and then share them.

Download Maily (Free)

4. Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo

This simple app lets you click on the letter, and then tells you its name, the sound it makes, and displays an animal that starts with that letter. You can also do a vehicle-version, instead of animals. I’m sure your kid will like the way it interacts.

Download Alphabet Zoo

5. Piano Ball

Piano Ball

However the app in not free but PianoBall is able to turns the screen of your iPad into a colorful piano with toddler-friendly sized keys. Users can also select instrument sounds and even play along with basic tunes by pressing the key highlighted by sparkling stars.

Piano Ball ($0.99)

6. Laugh & Learn: Shape and Colors

Laugh & Learn Shape and Colors

Shapes and Colors allows your toddler to tap away at the screen touching shapes and making new shapes appear. The app also has a fun keyboard to play along with the shapes and colors song. This one may not go far in actually teaching your child shapes and colors, but it is very entertaining.

Download Laugh & Learn: Shape and Colors

7. Talking Ben

talking Ben is here

A nice and funny app that lets your kid play with grumpy dog. The dog in the app just wants to read his magazine but as you poke him or disturb him, he will start interactive with you. You can even talk on the telephone with him or feed him or even do some science experiments with the dog.

Download Talking Ben

8. Elmo Loves ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs

Toddlers love Elmo a lot on iPad, this app uses the furry red monster to teach them about the alphabet. While learning how to identify letters, their sounds and how to draw them, users get to watch 80 Sesame Street clips including the classic alphabet song and discover 75 Sesame Street coloring pages.

Download Elmo Loves ABCs($4.99)

9. Beary Happi

Beary Happi

This cute bear has several games to play, including peek-a-boo, telling stories, singing songs, and going to bed. You can lock it on Toddler Mode, too, so it cycles automatically through the choices and doesn’t let you into the menu.

Download Beary Happi

10. Paint Sparkles

Paint Sparkles

Kids generally love to play with colors and your iPad is the best choice to let them play with colors. Paint Sparkle comes with different set of designs let your kid fill with different colors. For every selection of tool there is a sound that makes this device interesting among kids. You can buy additional coloring sheets through in-app purchase.

Download Paint Sparkles