Top 10 headphones for running

By | October 29, 2014

Jogging or going to Gym daily is your hobby and you are lonely, then music is your best companion in your morning jogging. For this you need to look out for the best and perfect headphones. The headphones that come with your smartphones are not just made for running. Some brands like Philips, Sennheiser, Beats and Monster among other manufacturers trying to create the best headphones for running. listening music purposes and more. Here I am listed some best headphones especially for running.

Top 10 headphones for running

1. Philips ActionFit SHQ5200

Price : $99


Philips ActionFit is the lightweight and very comfortable to wear and features two-part headphones cable and sweat-proof ear cushions. They are extremely light and you feel very comfortable with the sweat proof ear cushions it features. These are the perfect companion for your morning workouts. The headband has a tendency to slip forward during use and it leaks lot of sound, but here in this sound is secondary when compared to fit and comfort. For their price tag, there are definitely better, more affordable alternatives.

2. Beats by Dre Powerbeats

Price : $150





Beats by Dre Powerbeats is the another case of style over substance and these are let down by fit and overall sound. These ear hook style headphones are manufactured with plastic with the rubber ear hooks. They are very easy to wear and slip around the ears with ease and these are bright and colorful. On the sound front, these are always undeniable and it comfortably overpowers everything else. It features the ambient noise feature which means surrounding noise can be allowed and make it perfect for running in the busy areas.

3. Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition

Price : $100



Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition offer perfect fit but it is just a shame that the sound they offers is not  up to the mark as they fit. It has a rugged Kevlar cable perfect for rough handling with the basic inline control to the adjust the volume, answer the calls and skip the tracks. It features a set of ear tips for all needs, some of them can isolate the noise or alternatively allow the ambient sound in if you are running in busy roads. It lacks the bass, warmth, richness to fill your ears with sound.

4. SOL Republic Relays

Price  :$75


If you are concerned about fashion, then these are the perfect option and you can’t look past these stylish headphones. With their free flex technology  they are very easy to put in with the universal fit and they stay secure in your ears and no matter how hard you workout. Currently they are available in White, Blue, Black and Yellow colors.

5. JayBird BlueBuds X

Price : $175


These are the best Bluetooth sports headphones and it has the sweat and water proof earbuds which connected by a single cord with built-in remote control which rests behind the neck. The sound is not so perfect and coming to the comfort they fit perfectly sometime and other time they don’t. There are no dropouts over the Bluetooth and they can live upto 8 hours with its battery.

6. Monster iSport Strive

Price Th: $70


Monster has added the new headphones to the already impressive iSport arsenal named iSport Strive. Its ear hook design and the lightweight cable will do a fantastic job keeping them in place and without relying on the in-ear bud to do most of the work. They look very beautiful and are the best companion for you during workouts. They are also available at affordable cost than any other similar designs and offer the better build quality and the longer life expectancy.

7. Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports

Price : $90


When Sennheiser released PMX 680 headphones they were the best running headphones, now Sennheiser has added new PMX 685i to its running headphones series and these improve on these neckband-style making them more slimmer and then enhancing the sound performance. It struggles with the bass and music and a little distortion is observed at higher volumes. They are extremely light to wear and are durable.

8. Denon AH-150

Price : $90


Denon AH-150 supports the wireless audio streaming from the bluetooth enabled devices and these are sweat and water resistance and it has an integrated amplifier to deliver the great sound quality. Its rechargeable battery offers 7 hour battery backup which makes them suitable for the marathon runners. Its integrated controls and the microphone make them prefect companion on the go. They also have a reflective back band so you are visible for the safe workouts in the dark.

9. Pioneer SE-E721

Price : $32


As a part of the extreme sports headphones, Pioneer announced Pioneer SE-E721 and comes at more affordable price. It is available in four different colors and with four sized ear tips and they look heavy-duty and are very light to wear. The dual coiled cord adds to its robust and tough build and can be tied around your neck, so you can feel more comfortable when doing your workouts. The ‘skull fit’ design clamp around the ear but not in a comfortable way.

10. Bose SIE2i

Price : $150


Bose took headphones to the next level and this model have covered their ear buds with the hydrophobic cloth which keeps sweat out. They features an in-line mic and an extension cable. Its buds comes in three sizes and the earphones come with the Reebok arm band made of the breathable fabric with a pocket for your keys and loops to keep extra wire out if the way.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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