Top 10 headphone brands in world

By | October 27, 2014

The world has came across many music devices and devices used to play music, from gramphone to high wattage woofers. Especially in late 20th century and early 21st century world has seen lot of new devices for listening music. The best headphones brands are those which can offer their customers what they want from the customized headphones to surround sound headphones. Here are some best headphone brands which have the power to take you deep inside the song and the get the feel of it.

Top 10 headphone brands

1. Bose



 Bose is the most popular headphone manufacturing company which produces the headphones for aviation, military and for consumer use. The headphone models ranges from in-ear headphones, supra-aural earphones, mobile headsets, cicumaural headphones and more. Audiophiles just can’t enough of these speakers and makes this as the dominant force in the headphone sector. These are bit expensive but I guarantee that you will be getting true for value money. Bose products have very high standards and their life span is very good and so making it as the leader of all headphones.

2. Sennheiser


Sennheiser is another most popular brand in headphone arena which is the best competitor to Bose. It is the German based company specialized in design and production of wide range of headphones, microphones, telephony accessories and avionics headsets for consumer and business applications. It is the first choice among the musicians across the globe. This products uses the noise reduction technology completely annihilates the noise level letting the listeners to get the feel of purest sound. They are sophisticated and classy and are equally good and have an unparalleled charm about them.

3. Shure


Shure is an American audio products corporation founded by Sydney N.Shure in Chicago. It has became a consumer and professional audio-electronics manufacturer of wireless microphone systems, microphones, discussion systems, phonograph cartridges and digital signal processing. They are the ones which can blow your mind away with its sound quality and Shure does the same thing exactly. Form bulk to sleek variants, all its products are same standard and components used in its products are very reliable.

4. Audio Technica


Keeping check to German domination in audio products segment, Japanese company Audio Technica was founded. It designs and manufactures the professional wired and wireless headphones, microphones and other audio equipment. This company has brought in some awesome modifications in the headphones and making them completely different from their competitors. Audio Technica offers the customized headphones for the people who like to make things go their way.

5. Beats


Beats is the division of Apple Incorporation, which manufactures audio products. Beats primarily focused on speakers and headphones segments and it mainly place a heavy emphasis on bass. In spite of being a new company, it has shot towards becoming one of the best headphone brand in the world. It offers various vibrant colors and the eye catching deigns in its products.

6. Grado


Grado is another popular audio devices manufacturer which is known for the hand-making, high-end dynamic open-air headphones and cartridges. Dynamic and Exuberant are the perfect words to describe this brand. Though they don’t offer wide array of headphones, but every single pair of this brand backs a punch. They offers the users distortion less sound and sturdy transducers offer the amazing sound quality and great hearing experience.

7. AKG


It is an Austrian manufacturer of headphones, microphones, wireless audio systems and other related accessories for consumers. It has maintaining the very good reputation among the recording studios which making it one of the largest suppliers of headphones. It offers wide range of products from cool headphones to sophisticated ones, you will get all kind of stuff here. AKG’s products are durable in nature, but it doesn’t mean that you start smashing it around.

8. Beyerdynamic


Beyerdynamic is German audio accessories manufacturer which offers headphones, microphones, wireless audio systems and more. It produces some of the best over the ear headphones and surround the sound headphones are very good, offers its listeners very great experience. They also offer the good looking customized headphones then this brand will serve your purpose.

9. Sony


Sony is one of the world largest electronics brand across the globe based in Tokyo, Japan. It sells wide range of electronic products from pen drive to home theatre. Sony’s headphones are one of the popular headphones in the market. It’s product Walkman was a huge block buster and now its headphones are holding the flag high. Headphones are available in different price ranges and good quality is its trademark.

10. Koss


Koss is an American company which is the new entrant into the headphone segment. It was founded in the year 1991 by accident and after its establishment it doesn’t look back. Utilizing the lot of opportunities it got in its initial phases, the company is now in top 10 position of the headphone brands.

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