Top 10 over ear headphones under $200

By | October 28, 2014

Headphones are majorly divided into two segments, in-ear headphones and over ear headphones. Some folks like the former and some like the latter. Some prefer to have their ear encompassed by an ear cup and some prefer the minimal bulk and heft comes with in-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones look stylish. Here I am listing the 10 best over ear headphones available under $200.

Top 10 over ear headphones under $200

1. Bose AE2i

Price : $180



Bose is the world’s favorite headphones and they were probably known as the best curator of noise-cancelling  headphones. This the costliest brand and at the same time it comes with quality. Their best models costs around $300 and for those who are looking headphones in moderate budget and it deliver Bose’s trademark smooth and true sound. They weigh around 140 grams they are very light, so the users can enjoy for hours. It comes with built-in microphone and remote for controlling your i-Devices. It costs $180 which is best in its range.

2. Sony MDR-ZX700

Price : $119


Sony has recently released the latest releases to its headphone family, the ZX series. Sony’s supra-aural MDR-ZX700 are very attractive in a simple and understated. The mattle back, plastic ear cups are oval in shape which Sony attempted to make look like wood. The powerful 50 mm drivers for the well-rounded sound and deep bass and its comfortable noise-isolating ear pads also ensure your ride to the work is peaceful one.

3. Nixon the Trooper

Price : $70


They are very stylish, functional and Lightweight and their custom folding hinge makes them easily stored in a pack. It comes with a cool matte finish, built-in microphone and remote control and sweat-resistant ear cups. Nixon has offered the very comfort ear cushions out of custom molded silicone and padded the headband. It is your perfect music companion and with its 40 mm drivers the sound is not bad either.

4. V-Moda Crossfade LP

Price : $200


V-Moda’s Crossfade LP headphones won’t pass muster for the audiophiles, we do feel that their unique style will appeal to the listeners that want to slick looking pair of the headphones. This isn’t everyone as we know its sound on the other hand should appeal to the last of you. Some found them a bit heavy, but they are comfortable during the long stretches. It is packed inside each metal clad with the dual-diaphragm and features High-Definition driver for excellent and even sound.

5. Sennheiser HD 218 i

Price : $80


Sennheiser is the popular brand trusted by the audio professionals around the globe and takes its expertise and pares it down into the headset perfect for listening the music. The new Sennheiser’s HD2xx series of headphones are designed to offer a closed-back alternative to the company’s well-regarded PX100 headphones. It features a three-button remote with a built-in mic so that you can control your audio and take the calls on your iPhone.

6. Beats by Dr.Dre Solo

Price : $200


Beats by Dr.Dre Solo is a very beautiful headphones available in two colors White and Black. They offer the Loud, comfortable, full of bass and they are not as flashy when compared to its big brothers. They are the ideal Beats by Dre selection. They are extremely sensitive and comfortable for long-term wear with effective sound isolation.

7. Urbanears Plattan

Price : $60


Urbanears Plattan headphones are very colorful, stylish and bang out beats in a quality fashion which is an essential kit for the cosmo music folks. Urbanears is the Swedish company which delivers the headphones with high-style at the low price points. Audio quality is quite decent and a hearty dollop of the bass keeps the bottom end in the check. It’s top of the line Plattan model won’t rattle your skull, but it’s price is more affordable.

8. Bang & Olufsen Form 2

Price : $100

Bang-Olufsen-Form 2

Form 2 is not your typical-looking headphones and they are available in White, Black, Green, Blue, Red, Grey and limited edition Blue. These are distinctive and stylish pair of-on ears headphones. They offer good quality sound and are best in its price range.

9. Klipsch Image One

Price : $150


Klipsch Image One is one of the best and well-priced personal audio brands in the game. It offers the powerful audio performance and it doesn’t distort on the deep bass tracks, even at the maximum volume. These are foldable headphones and also come equipped with the built-in mic and the volume controls so that you can use your iPhone. This affordable headphones successfully combine the strong audio performance with the comfort for long listening sessions.

10. Astro A30

Price : $130


Astro is initially into the gaming accessories and it knows how to crank out the good pair of headphones. Astro’s A30 has previously made it onto our best of the years list due to its amazing sound quality. These are outfitted with the extremely soft earpads covered in some sort of the felt-like material. The final result is the pair of headphones which you won’t mind wearing all day.

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