Top 10 over ear headphones under $100


Headphones are majorly divided into two segments, in-ear headphones and over ear headphones. Some folks may like the former and some may like the latter. Some prefer to have their ear encompassed by an ear cup and some prefer the minimal bulk and heft comes with in-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones look stylish. Here I am listing the 10 best over ear headphones available under $100.

Top 10 over ear headphones under $100

1. Logitech UE 4000

Price : $100


When you are looking out to buy headphones sound, comfort and style are the key determining factors which you should look for. Logitech’s UE 4000 variant occupies top place on both comfort and sound factors, but they are not so stylish. Its compact design and the plush leather ear cushions you won’t mind wearing them for the long listening sessions. Its inline remote and the microphone will make it so that you won’t have to take them off two many times.

2. Nixon Trooper

Price : $70


Nixon Trooper headphones are very stylish, functional and Lightweight and their custom folding hinge makes them easily stored in a pack. It comes with a cool matte finish, built-in microphone and remote control and sweat-resistant ear cups. Nixon has offered the very comfort ear cushions out of custom molded silicone and padded the headband. They look very stylish and are your perfect music companion and with its 40 mm drivers the sound is not bad either.

3. Grado SR60i

Price : $80


Grado is an audio manufacturer company which is known for making high-end dynamic open-air headphones and cartridges, founded by Joseph Grado in New York and it has established its name in audio by designing some of the best headphones. Coming to the SR60i model they look very stylish and comes with vented diaphragm, non resonant air chamber which doesn’t leak sound and don’t allow outside in. It features standard copper voice coil wire and the standard copper connecting cord. However, its crispy, well-balanced audio reproduction and worth its price.

4. Sennheiser HD 218 i

Price : $80


Sennheiser is the popular brand trusted by the audio professionals around the globe and takes its expertise and pares it down into the headset perfect for listening the music. The new Sennheiser’s HD2xx series of headphones are designed to offer a closed-back alternative to the company’s well-regarded PX100 headphones. It features a three-button remote with a built-in mic so that you can control your audio and take the calls on your iPhone.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27 QuietPoint

Price : $100


Audio Technica is the most popular audio equipment manufacturer company which has established its mark in the market. If you are looking out for a best music companion for you then this Audio Technica model is the best option for you. Highs and lows are on the point and the noise cancellation is able to block almost 80 percent of all the disruptions so that these are very comfortable when you are travelling.

6. Denon AH-D510R

Price : $100


Denon AH-D510 R is lightweight and designed for the comfortable listening for long sessions. Its Acoustic Optimizer technology delivers the balanced and natural sound. It features Hybrid Metal housing which suppress the unwanted vibration and delivers the clean sound. It over design and the ear cups helps to mute the ambient noises. It has an inline three button remote control along with a built-in microphone so that your phone can be kept in your pocket.

7. Skullcandy Hesh 2

Price : $70


Skullcandy Hesh 2 is more affordable and well balanced, but understated one. It offers great bass and comes with good build quality and best option for gaming. Its design is not ridiculously flashy and won’t make you self-conscious about wearing them out of home. The sound follows the suit, faithfully reproducing everything mostly thrown their way.  It is one of the best headphone in its price range.

8. Urbanears Plattan

Price : $60


Urbanears Plattan headphones are very colorful, stylish and bang out beats in a quality fashion which is an essential kit for the cosmo music folks. Urbanears is the Swedish company which delivers the headphones with high-style at the low price points. Audio quality is quite decent and a hearty dollop of the bass keeps the bottom end in the check. It’s top of the line Plattan model won’t rattle your skull, but it’s price is more affordable.

9. SOL Republic Tracks

Price : $100


SOL Republic Tracks are the first interchangeable headphones which deliver the incredible sound, technology and style. The inline mic it features and the music control is compatible with most of the Android, Windows and Apple devices. Its V8 sound engines offer the comfortable bass rich music listening experience and the interchangeable remix headband and the cable to create the custom looks. It is is available in black and white colors, you can choose which one suits you.

10. Creative Aurvana Live

Price : $100


Creative’s Aurvana are lightweight headphones and are ergonomically designed and these are perfect for listening to music and its powerful Neodymium drivers offers clear sound. Bass reproduction is not great, but are suitable enough for the all genres of music. Its optimally contoured earcups minimize the internal sound distortion while offering an artistic appeal with its high-gloss finish. There are very convenient to carry and are the perfect companion of your music.