Top 10 best YouTube channels by subscribers


This article gives the list of top 10 best Top 10 best YouTube channels by subscribers, follow the list give below :


This hilarious Swede is the one of the most popular subscribers by pointing a camera at himself and playing video games. I highly recommend watching him play scary games. Seeing him scream is quite entertaining.


Smosh is kind of an enigma in that it’s production values are very high and it’s well-edited; however, the humor is somewhat… low brow. I guess they’re targeting the teen demographic. Whatever the case may be, they’re doing something right as they have more YouTube subscribers than anyone else.

Ray William Johnson 

Ray William Johnson uses a formula that has served many comedy shows such as Best Week Ever, The Soup, and Tosh.0.

  • Step 1: Curate a bunch of funny clips.
  • Step 2: Make commentary.
  • Step 3: Profit.


Rihanna VEVO

The Barbadian bombshell is by far the most-subscribed to musical artist on YouTube. She has multiple music videos with 100+ million views. Also, I imagine having a video where she sings in a bathtub has something to do with her place on this list.

One Directional VEVO

One Direction wins the efficiency award with the lowest amount of videos (70) of any channel in the top 10. Despite not having published a video in over a month, the band continues to gain tons of views and subscribers probably from having such a rabid and loyal fan base.


Nigahiga has acquired one of the most popular subscriptions among top ten of any YouTube channel with entertaining observational humor. He combines the quick-cutting monologue style you see common on YouTube with fun cutaways illustrating the situations he talks about. You’ll notice his earlier videos are much shorter. If you’re starting out, it’s always good to have short videos. Then once you build up a solid following, you can get into 5-10 minute territory.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles brand of insights is unique and hilarious, she has a way of taking the ordinary and making the observations will like make you think and laugh. In the below example video there are so many variations of woman’s makeup and meaning behind them. Check the below examples given below.


Machinima earns the honor of  ‘They have how many videos?’  with straggling 23k+ Published videos honestly through. If suppose you produce thousand videos and you don’t have not more than at-least one million subscribers. You have no hope where as machinima has acquired more than 7.5 million subscriptions through fun and informative video caters towards gamer’s.


This is YouTube own channel where you can buy or give rent to the online movies which has cracked top 10 list of all YouTube channels subscribers. There is no original content to see or view for view. May be YouTube has plans to change that.


Hola Say German

For those who are unfamiliar to YouTuber he is not spanish speaking Germany person, His name is pronounced as Hair mon and he does speak Spanish. In fact he only speaks Spanish. In fact he only speaks Spanish and this rapid fire comic approach has earned him more than 6.5 million subscribers.