Top 10 best online games for free

By | October 30, 2014

When you are bored and looking out for some entertainment, then online games are excellent option, because you don’t need to download and install them. Online games deliver a quick thrill and promise a instant delight and let you go on with your day. Here are some best online games for free available in different genres.

Top 10 best online games for free

1. Doom


Doom is one of the most popular online game and it is the kind of first-person shooter video games which is developed by id software. Currently the first episode of the doom is available to play on your web browser. You will definitely like this and enjoy playing against the monsters and demons to stay alive and you need to look for switches, doors and keycards to open the locked doors and the exit room to move to the another area.Only drawback of this game is browser based reappearance is which it doesn’t support mouse look.

2. Pandemic 2


In every game we are asked to save the world, but here you are given a chance to destroy instead, how nice?. In this game you need to design and release a virus, bacteria or parasite which and make it spread through out the world. The trick here is to create the disease which can infect as many as people possible without being detected. Here comes the counter for the game, hospitals will spring into the action, borders will close and Madagascar will become an impenetrable haven for the last fragment of humanity.

3. Ichabot Crane


This game is based on source of humor on Sleepy Hallow has come from seeing how Ichabot Crane, a man from 18th century, adjusts to the life in the modern world. It is a kind of first-person puzzle game in which you will play a role of robot which has a detachable head which was separated by his enemy. Ichabot Crane is imprisoned and tries to escape to freedom and so you need to help him to do that. In a stroke of genius you can head forward with the repeated left-clicks, while together moving your headless robo-body.

4. Companion


You are the square floating in the black void, and you find three types of objects in the environment, stars which stick to you, cuboid objects which do nothing and the jellyfish like creatures which come towards you. Companion is the five-minute experiment and the successful demonstration of how to build the relationship between the player and NPC.

5. Pause Ahead


Pause Ahead is a 2D puzzle platformer game with the time-bending twist. Pause Ahead might not be original in the concept. You must take your way through the difficult trap filled levels, completing with the time limit despite the color scheme which seems unsuited to twitch the acrobatics. At the basic level, which means that running towards the approaching buzzsaw, skidding past and freezing time. As long as the time is not moving you will pass through the danger unharmed.

6. Samorost


Samorost is another adventure game developed by Amanita Design. The great joy of this game and however isn’t simply the discovery and puzzle solving with the utterly fantastic artwork. The main character appears in white colors and is moving in the space on asteroids. You need to click on the different items which appear to you in the order to solve the puzzles and help the main character to move from one area to another.With no inventory, it is your job to solve the puzzles by nudging and poking this world to reveal the charming animations.

7. Westerado


Westerado is an action adventurous game in which you need to look for the bandits who killed your family. You need to shoot up some of the bandits and provide some help to the ranch hands and other folks who need it. Try to shoot your enemies without harming others and enjoy riding on your horse. Westerado gets the bonus points for making you unholster and cock your gun before your fire. Between the shootouts you will solve the problems, ride the horse like a cowboy and stand in the breeze admiring the astonishing the soundtrack.

8. Hexagon


Hexagon is essentially the Super Hexagon’s Hexagon mode, which is available entirely for free. The assumption is improbably simple, you can rotate an arrow around the circle and try to thread a path through the pulsing neon hexagonal maze. As an exercise in focus, reflexes and pattern recognition and it’s every other arcade game triple-distilled a quick, high-yield dose of the flashing lights, inevitable crushing failure and pounding music.

9. Catlateral Damage


Catlateral Damage is a first person destructive cat simulator where your goal to knock as many of the owner’s possessions onto the ground as possible. It is time now to make a mess everywhere in this attack game. You play the role of a cat and you need to destroy everything around you. Hurry up and jump to knock all the items on the shelves and tables with in two minutes. You can play as a cat left alone in the room full of stuff. There’s toys, DVDs books and expensive electrical equipment which are placed neatly on the tables and shelves.

 10. Astrovoid


Astrovoid is a score attack game which is a twin-stickish shooter which comes with the great feel of controls, a lot of screen shake and a soundtrack which does that neat dampened sound. Another best thing which happens when you die is that your little jetpack hero drops the giant ball bearing which will bounce around killing the enemies . Your score displaying on the screen will not be finalized until the ball stops moving and adding an element of Breakout to the tail end of each heart-racing run.

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