Top 10 Best iPhone apps of all time


Apple is known for keeping its technology close to the vest, which is why there are no Mac clones. For the iPhone, however, Apple opened up the vault enough to allow 3rd-party developers to develop apps to add functionality and fun to the fast-selling gadget. Generally after getting a new iPhone we go for the best of apps to have on your device there are few that Apple has claimed best iPhone apps of all time based on total number of download. I would suggest you to download these listed apps on your iPhone to utilize your device.

At the same all the apps are very needed to have in your phone like Facebook, Skype, Twitter and more. Curious to find out which apps rank as the App Store’s elite? Check out the list, which highlights the Best iPhone apps of all time. How many of the top 10 apps of all time do you have right now and which one you are going to get?

Top 10 Best iPhone apps of all time

1. Facebook


It’s probably hard to deny that you don’t have Facebook installed on your iPhone, and you probably click it multiple times a day. It’s OK, we confess – we are addicted too. The social network giant recently updated the app to include Chat Heads, a feature rolled out with Facebook Home that allows for multi-tasking while chatting with friends.

Facebook’s app gives you full access to the social network, where you can upload photos and status messages, check out your News Feed and friends’ profiles, and send messages to people either via instant message or email.

2. Pandora


Pandora is one of the most popular, and long-standing streaming music services out there. Pandora’s mobile app makes it easy to rock out, no matter where you are. Create radio stations and listen to ad-supported tunes for free for 40 hours a month. If you reach the 40-hour cap, continue listening for the remainder of the month for $0.99.

3. Instagram


Photo sharing was never so easy before the introduction of Instagram app. Since then it has become the largest platform where people love to share their images and short video over the internet. Facebook also allows us to share images and video but to check out all of them at once is not much easy as Instagram.

Instagram clearly remains one of the most popular apps on the iOS platform. Instagram recently added a new feature to the app called “Photos of You,” which lets users tag friends featured in their filtered snaps.

4. YouTube


We people love watching videos over YouTube in free time. Everyone knows why YouTube is best for this, first it is free online video streaming website lists billions of video to watch. However we can browse YouTube using in built browser but YouTube launched a standalone app in the App Store, ensuring iOS users could continue watching cat videos to their heart’s content.

5. Skype


Keeping in touch has never been so easy. Skype made it easy to contact with friends and family around the world anywhere anytime. The app supports voice and video calls, as well as texting, in many cases absolutely for free. By seeing its popularity among users Facebook web started using Skype plugin to make video call online.

6. WhatsApp


WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for iPhone and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. First year FREE! ($0.99 USD/year after)

7. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The original Angry Birds we all know and love reigns supreme in the App Store. Though it was first released for iOS in Dec. 2009, the game still remains wildly popular with scores of fans. It’s no wonder the game is No. 1 — this past Christmas alone, developer Rovio saw 8 million downloads of the game in 24 hours. ($0.99).

8. Temple Run


One of the most popular games of all time among smartphone users. Temple Run put infinite-runner games on the map. In the game, run until you can’t run any longer while dodging obstacles. Since the launch of this original game, the studio has put out a sequel, Temple Run 2, as well as Brave and Oz-themed versions, in collaboration with Disney to offer you more excitements, features, interactive graphics and so.

9. Google Search


I think there is no need to say anything about the Google search. This is the most reliable search engine, always ready to assist you with suitable and reliable search result. Need to look something up? Google Search is the ultimate app for performing web searches on your iPhone.

10. Netflix


Whether you want to watch a quick episode of your favorite television show, or settle in and watch a feature-length film, Netflix’s app makes it easy to stream TV shows and movies to the palm of your hand. Use of the app requires a subscription to Netflix’s streaming service.