Top 10 best headphones under $50

By | November 6, 2014

Music is becoming part of every one life and most of the people are carrying music devices always with them like ipods, MP3 players, mobiles phones and more. Along with them good pair of headphones are also required to enjoy the music. There are lots of variety of headphones available in the market and there are different models like over ear headphones and in-ear headphones. Some prefer to have their ear encompassed by an ear cup and some prefer the minimal bulk and heft comes with in-ear headphones.Over-ear headphones look very stylish and they even doesn’t allow the outside noise to come in. Here are some best budget headphones that costs under $50.

Top 10 best headphones under $50

1. Panasonic RP-TCM125

Price : $12.99


Panasonic’s RP-TCM125 is the cheapest headphones which features the simple design, super lightweight, sound fantastic and are very comfortable to wear. It also sports a microphone and also a remote for controlling the music playback and for answering calls. They have a balanced sound profile which works for variety of music and audio sources and they are great for pop, rock, metal, dance, classical podcasts and more. Though they are very cheap they even offer good sound quality and more.

2. Sony MDR-XB50

Price : $39.00

Sony MDR-XB50

Sony MDR XB50 is the next choice and are the terrible alternative, but are more expensive that above headphones. They offer the best sound quality with lots of bass response and a design that stays in your ear when moving. They feature a microphone with the basic playback remote, but they do lack remote controls. They are still comfortable to wear for the extended periods and it will do the better job of blocking the outside noises.

3. WeSC Piston

Price : $19


WeSc is the fashion headphones brand and they undoubtedly pull few punters out to look good about town. But however these are the poor choice if you care remotely about the sound quality. They feature the 40 mm dynamic drivers which is common to almost all headphones, but however their sound quality is below par. In this budget range you may get some good-sounding headphones, these may look good, but not the sound. Anyhow these are good headphones for the price under $20.

4. Urbanears Kransen

Price : $39


This Kransen model from Urbanears are packed with unique design and innovative features. They come with the cool design which stays locked in your ears and no matter how much you move, Its cableloop function keeps the cable organized and also snap connect feature. It also offers microphone and remote for hands free talking and also 10 mm Dynamic drivers for the impressive sound quality. Cable loop keeps the things nice and neat and comes with 1 year premium replacement warranty.

5. Sony DREX61IP

Price : $31.99


With this Sony earphones you can enjoy the crispy and clear audio on your ipods and smartphones and this headphones feature 9mm drivers for high-quality sound and also an in-line microphone for answering the phone calls on the go. You will spend the twice as much for the privilege and give up some sound quality and are more comfortable and stay put even when you are moving.

6. Urbanears Humlan

Price : $39.99


These headphones are bit different, because the outer material on these headphones can be removed, chucked in the wash and ensuring that they are always clean and fresh. Along with unique feature, this headphones sense of style, with the bright colors and the simple design. They are the best headphones which worth this price.

7. SOL Republic JAX

Price: $33


SOL is the most popular headphone maker and its entry-level Jax are almost as pervasive as Apple’s ear pods. They feature the i2 sound engines deliver the powerful and high-quality sound and also 1 button mic for music control. But they are not so comfortable and you may feel bad for long listening sessions. With its single button you can Pause/resume/skip music and answer/hang-up phone calls. It is compatible with most of the Android, Apple and Windows devices.

8. Apple Earpods

Price : $29.00


These are regular ear phones that regularly come in box with every iPhone and iPod touch since 2012 and are ubiquitous. They don’t offer much sound quality and they aren’t comfortable to wear. Use its improved remote to adjust the volume, control the music and playback music and can control your calls on your iPhone. On the upside this earphones features a good microphone and the full function remote which offers the volume control in addition to play and pause the features.

9. Moshi Mythro

Price : $30


These are light weighted and feature a good and well-rounded sound and comes with best price tag. It features DR8 Neodymium drivers with 15 Hz-20 KHz/-10 dB@1 KHz in an anodized aluminium casing and comes with an integrated microphone with the universal button control. But since, they do not lock into your ears in any way, they fall out too easily for us to recommend for you. It also packs a convenient HandyStrap cable manager.

10. JLab JBuds J6M

Price : $30.25


JLabs’ JBuds are very small and lightweight earphones that comes with lots of differently sized tips for the variety of ears. They are made up of metal which is very uncommon in this price range. They are ergonomically engineered for the supreme comfort plus 7 ear cushions for the perfect fit and features an inline microphone and track the control for iPhone, Android tablet, iPad, Blackberry and almost all devices.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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