Top 10 best over ear headphones under £50


Headphones are majorly divided into two segments, in-ear headphones and over ear headphones. Some folks may like the former and some may like the latter. Some prefer to have their ear encompassed by an ear cup and some prefer the minimal bulk and heft comes with in-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones look very stylish and they even doesn’t allow the outside noise to come in. Here are some best budget headphones that costs under £50.

Top 10 best over ear headphones under £50

1. Lenco HP -080

Price : £30

Lenco-HP-060  001

With the cheapest price tag this headphones feature the uninterrupted noise cancelling technology along with the large ear-pads which are very comfortable for long listening sessions. These are ideal for enjoying your favorite music tracks with comfort and peace. They require the 2 x AAA batteries for the functioning of noise cancellation technology to counter any external noise and cancel out any interference. With the technology reserved for expensive headphones, this HP-080 deliver both the acoustic performance and worth your money.

2. AKG K451

Price : £50


AKG K451 are the portable-pair of over ear headphones which offers the surprisingly good sound, volume is loud and you can pick out the subtle notes in songs. These are primed for commute and are more stylish headphones with the discrete design. Their design isn’t anything we haven’t seen them before. Its circular pads are mixed with the compact size and its silver accents look pretty nice and they are exceedingly sturdy too. In the audio department they deliver powerful, full and bouncy bass response which makes the sound very vibrant with the delicate and light sound signatures.

3. WeSC Piston

Price : £39.99


WeSc is the fashion headphones brand and they undoubtedly pull few punters out to look good about town. But however these are the poor choice if you care remotely about the sound quality. They feature the 40 mm dynamic drivers which is common to almost all headphones, but however their sound quality is below par. In this budget range you may get some good-sounding headphones, these may look good, but not the sound. Anyhow these are good headphones for the price under £40.

4. Pioneer SE-MJ532-R

Price : £39.99


Pioneer SE-MJ532-R are one of the best budget headphones under $50 and they are light, durable and portable design.They feature the 40 mm driver, 1.2 mm single cord, 10 Hz to 30000 Hz and 3.5 mm gold plated stereo plug. Their large 40 mm driver units offer high quality and uninterrupted sound and they comes with foldable construction and single sided matching colored cord. They comes in an elegant and stylish design and are highlighted by the reflective metallic spin finish housing. They are available in four different colors Black, Gold, Red and White.

5. Urbanears Plattan

Price : £49.99


Urbanears Plattan headphones are very colorful, stylish and bang out beats in a quality fashion which is an essential kit for the cosmo music folks. Urbanears is the Swedish company which delivers the headphones with high-style at the low price points. Audio quality is quite decent and a hearty dollop of the bass keeps the bottom end in the check. It’s top of the line Plattan model won’t rattle your skull, but it’s price is more affordable. Microphone and the remote compatible with the unprotected 3.5 mm standard such as Blackberry, HTC, iPhone and more.

6. Nixon Trooper

Price : £49.95


Listen to the music with the stylish and the lightweight Nixon Trooper over ear headphones. They are very stylish, functional and Lightweight and their custom folding hinge makes them easily stored in a pack. It comes with a cool matte finish, built-in microphone and remote control and sweat-resistant ear cups. Nixon has offered the very comfort ear cushions out of custom molded silicone and padded the headband. It is your perfect music companion and with its 40 mm drivers the sound is not bad either.

7. Sennheiser HD 218 i

Price : £50


Sennheiser is one of the most popular brand trusted by the audio professionals around the globe and takes its expertise and pares it down into the headset perfect for listening the music. It features the smart remote with mic to control iPhones and individually adjustable earcups which offer secure and comfortable fit. They also sports powerful neodymium magnets for the bass driven stereo sound and are optimized for latest generation of iPods, iPhones and MacBooks. It features a three-button remote with a built-in mic so that you can control your audio and take the calls on your iPhone.

8. Urbanears Humlan

Price : £39


These headphones are bit different, because the outer material on these headphones can be removed, chucked in the wash and ensuring that they are always clean and fresh. Along with unique feature, this headphones sense of style, with the bright colors and the simple design. They are the best headphones which worth this price.

9. Skullcandy Hesh 2.0

Price : £42.19


Skullcandy Hesh 2 is more affordable and well balanced, but the understated one. These headphones offer the great bass and comes with good build quality and best option for gaming. Its supreme sound delivers the attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs and more. Its design is not ridiculously flashy and won’t make you self-conscious about wearing them out of home. The sound follows the suit, faithfully reproducing everything mostly thrown their way.  It is one of the best headphone in its price range.

10. Sony MDR-V55

Price : £40


These headphones from Sony are technically aimed at the turnable lovers and the vinyl scratchers. These headphones look sleek and offers the powerful bass sound with the impressive quality to offers the users great appeal. With their robust, on-ear design and they feature 40 mm Neodymium drivers which deliver the bassy-heavy sound that are well controlled and they doesn’t override the impressive mid-range clarity and the treble performance. They feature 1.2 mm removable cable and comes in White/Black design with the optional color trim.