TomTom – Positioning Niche market



Multi-Sport_Grey1_DistanceTomTom the Dutch based navigation company has forayed into smart devices category. In India, TomTom positioning their products for niche market by concentrating on fitness segment. The fitness segment is growing at tremendous pace due to health awareness.

TomTom caters into four sectors of industries viz., Consumer, Automotive, Telematics and Licensing. The Amsterdam based company was founded in 1991. TomTom tied up with Apple Inc for ‘Maps’ app on iOS platform to provide their map services for Apple users.

The company has launched its range of GPS Sport Watches in India. TomTom GPS watches has inbuilt GPS tracking fitted along with built in heart rate monitor. In most cases long distance runners wear chest strap that has heart beat monitor provides vital information. Many times information provided will not be accurate and the strap becomes wet.


The built in heart rate monitor allows the user to train at optimal heart rate zone. For ex : User can select various heart rate zone, for long distance seasoned runner he can choose Sprint mode whereas for a novice who has started running can choose easy mode or fat burn mode. This feature helps user to gauge and provides vital clues on training methods adopted.

TomTom GPS watches come with indoor and outdoor tracking. This feature is helpful for the user on the days where user will use treadmill for jogging. The GPS will get switched off in the watch during workout indoors. The GPS on TomTom will get activated within few seconds thanks to QuickGPSFix Technology. TomTom GPS watches has built in Swim Sensor where user can measure their swim distances, speed, efficiency, laps and strokes.

The company has developed app to mobile app where user can track their performance in various sporting activities. User can sync TomTom watch with their computers from Bluetooth wirelessly too. Athlete can track their past performance and compare with present performances. The app offers to share the details of their performances in popular sports related websites.


The information will be in real time tracking the distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt while exercising. Information can be archived and can be accessed anytime. TomTom has tied up with several websites such as MapMyFitness community for further enhancements of the App.

TomTom GPS watches are available on 4 different variants further narrowed down 2 series. The first in the series TomTom Runner and TomTom Runner Cardio. TomTom Multi-Sport and TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio being second in the series.

TomTom GPS Cardio and Multi Sport Cardio model watches have advanced features such built in optimal hearth rate zone, pace yourself, speed sensor. However they are optional features for which user has to pay in other variants.


TomTom GPS watches provides an athlete to check performance at a glance features built in heart monitor with real time running information. The watches has Graphical Training Partner feature where the athlete can set up challenges such Race Race Yourself, Goal Challenge, Interval Training, Zone Pacing.

TomTom GPS watches are designed for sport persons like triathletes. The watch can be used in indoor or outdoor, track the performance during run, cycle or swim. All the TomTom GPS watches come with dedicated bike mount option that can be used during the cycling events to record the distance.

The single button control with extra large display and high resolution, slim design provides beep and vibration alerts. The watch comes with super tough, scratch and impact resistant display. An athlete can train with TomTom watches anywhere and anytime. Indoor or outdoor the watch is waterproof upto 165feet/50 meters has battery life of 10 hours with GPS and more than 3 weeks in the normal mode. These watches can be used for day today use also. TomTom has introduced several colourful straps that can be matched with the attire. In other words the main unit can be removed and matched with different colour straps.


All the variants of TomTom runner cardio have various heart rate zones on the intensity. A novice can use easy heart rate zone during warming up and cool down time. Fat Burn intensity is helpful during weight loss, Endure heart rate zone can be used during moderate to high tempo training to improve cardio such lung and heart capacity. Speed heart rate zone is used during high tempo training to track on the improvement of speed and fitness. Sprint mode is used as part of interval training specifically helpful during gym workouts.

On connectivity front TomTom GPS watches can be connected multiple platform. Users can easily sync with iOS 6 and Android 4.4 environments onwards for all variants of the TomTom watches. The watches have Bluetooth Smart Ready option where it can connect to a smartphone or computer.

TomTom GPS watches were launched during January 2015. After launch Andrew Cooper, Senior Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific said, “Our research shows that 95% of runners consider their GPS watch to their perfect training partner. However, we see a gap between the number of runners and the penetration of GPS sport watches primarily due to lack of understanding on the benefits of running with a GPS watch. By launching fitness products with industry leading innovations, we expect this segment to grow at a rapid pace globally, and in India.”


“Running is an important part of the changing life style of the young, upwardly mobile Indian” says Kavita Nath, Country Manager, TomTom India. “Our research suggests that access to real time information during a run is one easiest ways for a runner to improve their performance, making the GPS watch an essential part of any runner’s kit.”

The company has tied up with for online sale and is priced at Rs. 12, 999 for TomTom Runner GPS Watch and TomTom Multi-Sport Watch has been priced at Rs.15, 499. However the advanced versions of TomTom Runner Cardio priced at Rs. 20,999 and TomTom Multi Sport Cardio GPS Watch priced at Rs. 23,499.