[How to]Make Microsoft Surface RT’s touch screen more responsive


Manufacturers will always want to give their best and try to make their devices great, but there will be always a room for improvements and bug-fixes. The same case is with Microsoft Surface RT, it’s touch screen can be made more responsive if some of the values in the Win Registry are modified. Here is the how to change the values and make the Surface RT’s touch screen more responsive.


How to Make Microsoft Surface RT’s touch screen more responsive

Before going to the tutorial you need to download MOD file from here.

  • Download the MOD file from the above link and place it on your desktop
  • Extract the files from the ZIP folder and you will get a file with .reg extension
  • Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable
  • Copy the .regĀ file which you have extracted and paste it on the storage of your Surface RT
  • After copying the files, unplug the device from your PC
  • On your device, tap on the new file you have copied just now
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions

That’s it, you are done, as soon as you apply this fix you should see the improvement in the touch screen responsiveness. Many of the users who have change the Win registry are happy that their Microsoft Surface RT’s touch screen became more responsive than before and scrolling through the directories is much smoother now. If you are using Surface RT, then this may definitely help you. After applying this fix share your experience with us.