Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.7 update – New Gameplay Features


Ubisoft has finally released a brand new trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.7 update with the new features. The update shows many additional specifications and also stands as an introduction to the Global Events system that offers a new event to the players, every month where they can get new items and new gears.

The Diversion 1.7 update, in the trailer, shows indeed many new and impeccable features along with amusing customization options along with encrypted caches, a brand new achievement system and real time strategic challenges, which altogether can enhance the gaming experience.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has been a role playing action game, published by Ubisoft in March 2017, for different consoles including Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is set in the future version of the New York City, as an aftermath of a pandemic; with a player acting as an agent of ‘The Division’, a strategic Homeland department.

The player is tasked to help people in rebuilding the operations and investigating the outbreak which is why The Division 1.7 update is going to even more structured and interesting, with both highs and flaws that can’t be argued. Given the multi-player mode and collaborative effort that is needed, the game is going to reach the gamers hearts, with this new update.