ToDoist Now Available On Android Wear


Google’s Android Wear watches can do whatever you want to, literally putting the world on your finger tips. Managing tasks is easy now, thanks to these watches and it is set to become even easier now with the addition of the ToDoist app on this platform. ToDoist has now been included in the free apps for Android Wear.


ToDoist can be used to create tasks through voice commands by saying, ” OK Google, Start ToDoist. Add task.” Of course, the Android Wear needs to be attached to a phone or tablet for that to happen.

The tasks that you assign through your Android Wear watch will get synchronized to your connected Android phone or tablet and then get added to your task list. ToDoist also synchronizes data through cloud, which means any data assigned through the Wear will be available on the web, other Android devices, Apple iOS, Mac, Microsoft Windows and other supported platforms.

Android Wear users can now add tasks natively as well by using Google Keep or some or some other task management software. There is a string of task management softwares that you can use for this, however none are as thorough and well made like ToDoist. There are plenty of reasons for this. The first and most important benefit is the ease with which you can use the voice commands. You can use your voice to add a comment to these tasks as well. Another brilliant feature is that ToDoist uses your location to provide notifications as well. It will give you a notification if you’re near a supermarket; just in case you have to pick up milk or something.

ToDoist was voted as one of the best apps on the Play Store for 2014. There aren;t many who are willing to dispute that claim either. And now with it’s expansion to the Android Wear, a good thing has become even better!