[How To]Disable Facebook video autoplay on Android and iOS

By | November 9, 2014

Facebook app for iOS and Android has a feature which automatically starts playing the videos which you come across in the newsfeed. Some users prefer to play their videos automatically, while some may find it annoying as they don’t want to watch each and every video that come across. But fortunately, there is an option which lets you to disable the automatic playing of videos in both iOS and Android apps. Below is the tutorial for how to do so.

Disable Facebook video autoplay on Android and iOS


  • Launch Facebook app from the App drawer on your Android device.
  • Now sign into your Facebook account and after logging in press menu key and it now pop up a menu on the screen. Select settings from the menu where you can change settings for the app on your device.
  • On the next screen, under general settings you will find an option saying Video Auto-play and tap on it.
  • Here you can turn OFF the video autoplay and you can also set it play the videos automatically only when you are on the Wi-Fi network.

That’s you are done, from now videos on Facebook will not play automatically.


  • Tap on Settings from your springboard and it will open standard settings panel where you can change iOS device’s settings.
  • On the left side of the screen, scroll down until you see Facebook and tap on it. It will allow you to change Facebook app settings on your iOS device.
  • Tap on settings option under the Facebook icon and it will take you to the standard Facebook settings page.
  • On the next screen, under video section you will find an option saying auto-play and tap on it. It will allow you to change the auto-play settings on your device.
  • In the next screen, there are three options to choose from such as ON, Wi-Fi only and OFF. Now tap on OFF.

That’s it, you are done, autoplay feature is now turned OFF on your device.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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