TiVo’s new android app lets you download your favorite videos


Tivo TiVo added the video streaming service to its Android app nearly a year ago and now it has announced that the app can let you download the recordings and watch it later. This feature was available for iOS TiVo DVR users for about two years, but now android user can also take advantage of the app and download the videos for future offline viewing.

According to the report published on ZatzNotFunny.com, the content that can be downloaded depends on the carriers. The necessary hardware requirements is built-in for Roamio Pro or Roamio Plus users, but if you are not owning Roamio OTA, Premiere DVR or Roamio Basic, you’ll have to add a TiVo Stream add-on to take advantage of this features.

The new video downloading option in TiVo android app also allows you select the quality of the video you are downloading, which comes quite handy if you are keeping track of your storage space. There can’t be anything without a hitch. This app doesn’t give you option to select storage location for all your downloaded files. Though this may be a little glitch, the app’s features are very useful and works fine.