Tips to tweak PC’s gaming performance without upgrading hardware

By | September 29, 2014
Razer game booster

Here are few tips which may help you to tweak your PC for gaming:


#Optimising in-game graphics and display settings:

If you have a low end PC and you still want to use it for gaming, go to the settings/options menu as soon as you start a new game and from there you can decrease your resolution as per required for your monitor. The game will get a little blur after you do this but will help to improve your gaming performance. You can also adjust the graphic details between ultra, high and low settings. It’s better you keep it low and turn off V-sync which works to give more details in a game if you don’t have a good Graphics Processing Units.


#Deleting your temporary files:

Most of the temporary files end up using a lot of memory and slowing down your PC. Regularly delete the temporary files using your Antivirus software or you can manually do it by entering “temp” and also “%temp%” in the Run dialogue box and deleting the files it shows up in both the folders.


#Razor game booster:

Razer game booster

Razor game booster is another way of optimising your PC’s gamin performance. Run a game through the software and it’ll boost up your game by closing same background processes during the game and so you get a little bit tweaking with it.


#Changing computer’s advance properties:Adjusting for best performance.

These steps would help a slight increase in your gaming performance but it would also end up with decreased textures and animations on your windows interface. So, just change these settings after closing a game. Just go to My computer –> Properties –> Advance System settings –> Performance –> Settings and just check on Adjust for best performance.


Hopefully these little tips would certainly help you to increase you gaming performance.