Tips to save battery on smartphones


Generally the Smart phones doesn’t provide good battery backup, As it drains soon because of many reasons like using 3G SIM, High Definition pixel display, Installing many applications, Playing high graphic games and more. To over come this battery problem there are many ways. This article will gives to clear information regarding the Tips to save battery on smartphones. The only thing is you need to follow the steps.

Turn on the power mode Saver


Power mode saver will reduce the processor usage, screen brightness and disables vibration all at once save on battery life. Vibration is a big one and  also be sure to have your notifications set to mute or audible instead by using the volume keys.

  1. Tab power saving
  2. Tab the icon in the top right to see all options.
  3. Swipe down from the top of the home screen to bring up notification pane.

Low Brightness and reduce the time out duration


The brightness can be reduced, Go to settings > display > brightness and also the time out duration also to be reduced and set the shorter duration time out. Which gives you good battery life.

Turn off unused functions and wireless connections

The wireless connections which includes Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and NFC. It’s easy to forget after using which will leads to lose battery. Turn them off when it is not in use. Other extraneous functions, such as Air view and screen mirroring can also be disable here to save on battery. The some of the other features which causes to drain battery are shown below

  • manage sync and auto uploads
  • Disable widgets and live wallpapers.
  • Close, Disable or uninstall the unwanted applications.
  • Get the battery management apps

The best battery management apps are