Tips to prolong Laptop battery life


Batteries of the laptops are eventually and inevitability they will die, Although the battery will die eventually for the inevitability of the battery proper care we can take and prolong the battery life. This article gives you some tips to prolong the laptop battery life. we have included some tips on keeping going longer between the chargers so that you can work longer with out AC power supply. Now you need to follow the below steps to prolong laptop battery life.

Don’t Run laptop down to Empty

Make sure that you should not run the laptop until it goes empty, which may give trouble to your battery life, Now a days the modern Laptops are designed to shutdown before the battery is going to be empty. Doing this once or twice wont kill battery it will leads to shorten the life of battery. So take necessary steps to avoid the battery to go completely down.

Always keep it Cool

When you use the Laptop make sure vents are unblocked, Never work the laptop by keeping it on the pillows, cushions if possible put it on the  raised stand which allows the air flow. Always clean the laptop with help of compressor air or a Blower which is available on the market.

Give it Rest

If you are using the laptop continuously with the help of AC power supply, make sure to remove the Battery and keep it aside. If you always keep on charging and discharging the battery this also troubles the battery life. Don’t leave your Laptop for permanently charge.

Remove unnecessary peripherals

Leaving the disc in the DVD drive also reduces the battery life and any USB accessories you leave connected such as external hard drive, USB web cams and more.