Researchers created tiny and flexible lenses with wide field of view




Now a days, researchers look obsessed to create tiny objects that can do multiple and big things. The size and weight of everything is getting smaller making each device more portable. A team of engineers from University of Wisconsin-Madison have created new very tiny micro lens with vast range of vision. The team has created this micro lens with 170 degree field of vision.

The engineers have taken inspiration from the multi-faceted eye of an insect to create this miniature lenses and the size of these lens is almost equal to the size of a pinhead. The researchers embedded these lenses within flexible plastic. This lens can be used to capture a broader angle at a fraction of size than the traditional lenses. This can be used in various fields like surgical process to security cameras.

Hongrui Jiang, the lead researcher, who is professor of electrical and computer engineering at UW-Madison said, “We got the idea from compound eyes, we know that multiple lenses on a domed structure give a large field of view.”

These bendable structures look like the bull’s eyes, because the lens is made of light and dark regions. The distance between the rings determines that how far lens can see and as these are flexible, one can easily change the field of vision.

The team of researches has used customized Fresnel Zone plates in the micro lens to achieve clear results. According to the researchers, creating dark part was toughest, as they have to ensure that it doesn’t reflect any light at all.