Tink Labs raises $13 million from Foxconn Technology

By | November 25, 2015


The Hong Kong based startup Tink Labs Limited has raised $13 million from FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group. Tink Labs is known for developing mobile travel solution handy. Handy is new mobile products that combines functionality of your phone and in-room phone services of your hotel room.

According to the official website, handy devices will be used by 18.1 million visitors in Hong Kong and Singapore in 2016. This device creates a fully integrated device by combining your smartphone and in-room phone services of your hotel room. It offers visitors unlimited internet, local and international calls as well as updated city guides.

Handy is most popular device from Tink Labs limited. The device has good reviews from both hotel partners and visitors. As of now, this device is available in Bangkok, Macau and Istanbul in addition to Honk Kong and Singapore, whereas company is planning expand its reach to some other top-notch global travel destinations. This device is especially very useful for travelers, who have some restricted carrier plans that don’t allow them to buy new mobile data plans in international roaming conditions.

With the help of this $13 million investment from FIH Mobile Limited, Tink Labs Limited has raised total amount of $35 million. The startup will expand its handy device reach to some other major global travel destination with the help of the investment.