Timex and Qualcomm teams up to make fitness featured smartwatch


There are a few things everyone is familiar about smart watches these days. First, you must have an nice display (LED or LCD) screen. 2nd you have to connect with a smartphone nearby and the 3rd, they are not very rugged. Timex and Qualcomm, however, have planned to blow those myths out of the water.

Fitness featured smartwatch
They are all set to launch, the Timex Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch, is a self-coupled sports watch that includes email-based wireless messaging, GPS location tracking and systems to track your distance, speed, and position at all times as well as notify your friends and family about the location. It connects to carrier networks via AT&T, has a huge color touchscreen and offers one year of mobile data service.

However people try to get slim ans sleek smartwatch but instead of knowing the fact they have made the smartwatch as big as the Adidas MiCoach or the Nike Sport Watch. However, unlike similar design that offer no wireless features and smart watches like the Galaxy Gear and Pebble that must have connected to any smartphone, the One GPS+ looks to be a standalone option with full processing and wireless feature built-in.

The watch can “track speed, distance and pace continuously and promptly share execution measurements through your most loved social media and online fitness services” and additionally send a “Find Me Mode” alarm to loved ones when you’re lost or hurt. It can also send heart rate to family in case of emergency. At last, it is water-resistance to 50 meters and doubles as a Bluetooth Mp3 player. Timex hasn’t depicted battery life recently yet it I think, given Qualcomm’s mobile chip slashes.

Battery life is definitely the biggest question as is endurance, but we will have to wait and see until the end of summer when the watch is officially released. It is now available for pre-order now for $399.95.