Time Warner Cable wants to replace cable box with Roku



You are living in New York City and hate using cable box, Time Warner Cable Company has a solution for you folks. Time Warner Cable users living in these cities can use a Roku box instead of company’s traditional cable box. The cable company has announced a trail service for its TWC TV app that allows its users to access live TV on smartphones and smart TVs with their Wi-Fi network.

According to the Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus, the main goal of this service is to eliminate the cable box than switching cord cutters into cable customers. He also said that this won’t matter much in future “whether [users] use a Roku or they use ultimately another IP-enabled device,” According to him the ideal TWC world means that every screen in your home becomes television, when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

During this trial, users will get free Roku 3 player with the cheapest plan that starts at $10 per month for a 12 month period. This plan will have 20 plus channels including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and TBS. you can also get some more popular channels like ESPN and Disney if you are ready to pay $50 per month.

TWC is not the only one as Comcast and Dish Networks are also trying to get into the video streaming business. Comcast is going to launch an internet TV service named Stream in 2016 that costs $15 per month. Dish Network has already launched its Sling TV service, which offers more limited amount of channels than the traditional cable package.

This is a very easy and useful way to get the TV channels without worrying about the cables. This trail service is exclusive to Time Warner Cable and currently available in New York City. For more details, click on the official site.