Time for New Emoji’s to express via Randemojinator

By | August 19, 2015

With the improved technology and the power of social media, expressing various feelings and emotion at one go with the emoji’s available in the virtual world. There are many faces of emoji’s which expresses a lot more than words.
A 17-year old Web developer Giacomo Randazzo fusion the standard yellow-faced emoticons to incite some new expressions.

These emoji’s will make you to feel that something nice is happening

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 11.03.04 AMRandemojinator
Not even a single day that passes without texting your friends or sharing your emotions through various ways. Today, the messaging trend has increased rapidly, people are connected to the virtual world than being in real world likewise emotions, feelings, laughs, gestures everything is converted virtually and that’s how people share their deep feelings, like angry, happy, sad, blessed, excited, proud etc…on social media platform.

Recently, the textPlus messaging app conducted a survey on the topic “Emoji’s are just as popular as you thought’ the result stated that the usage of emoji’s has risen dramatically over past two years and also acclaimed that 90% of the people from age group between 13 to 24 years uses emoji’s on regular basis.

Its completely shocking that the emoji-rationing is only about 3%, even if you conduct a survey on the same topic reported using emoji’s on regular basis while texting, the result would be even more unexpected than this. when it comes to expressing our feelings on virtual platform; we truly are the King and Queen of expressions.

Randazzo, is from Verona in Italy, the idea of Randemojinator stuck in his head while coming across a Pokémon fusion generator website which suggested that the underlying kawaii additive that powers the Pokémon franchise is also hard at work keeping emoji sticky.

“I thought why not to make the same thing but for emojis…because it’s trending on the Internet,” says Randazzo, he also mentioned that he and his friends themselves send lot of emoji’s while texting. “I started editing emojis by hand, cutting out all the elements needed to create the emojis. I made it mostly for fun, but also to teach the other “creator” of the website, Andrea Zaninelli, how to code.”

“I don’t plan on developing it any further right now, unless I get lots of traffic and requests. I plan though on putting advertising on it , because I need some money. It didn’t take much to code maybe three or four days. Setting up the servers and finding the domain names are the things that took longer, it took almost a month in total,” he adds.

Randazzo’s father introduced him to the graphical programming language which was especially created for the kids to learn coding when he was 11 year old. Since then he’s coding and he updated his skills via reading and learning by himself.

Apart from Randemojinator, Randazzo also owns  a game app on Google Play Store and has created many websites for his friends.

“I always had a passion for technology. Last year I studied abroad and graduated from Grandview High school in Missouri. This coming year I’ll have to graduate again from my Italian high school and then I plan on going to college. I can say that the past year was my big life-changing event: while I was at school I read a lot about code and startups and I got really passion-ed about it. After I’ll get out of college I plan on starting up my own company,” he says.

Randemojinator seemingly allow the users to modify their emoji by alternating the position parameters in the URL, to get the right emotion of weirdness. A freshly packed emoji mash-up is now just a click away.