Tile tracking device helps you find your misplaced phone



Want to save time in finding your stuff, use Tile tracking device. Tile is a small Bluetooth tracking device, which can help find your keys and other stuff even cloths. Today, Tile has launched a new white Bluetooth tracker, which will help you in finding your phone as well. The updated Tile app will help you in finding your misplaced phone with a ringtone, even if your phone is silent. Suppose you have lost your phone, then you can find your phone by double clicking ‘e’ on the Tile, your phone will start ringing if Tile app is enabled on your phone. This updated Tile app can also find someone else phone. If your friend misplaced his phone, then you can use your phone and help him in locating the phone.

This new Tile is better than the previous version, as it is three times louder than its predecessor; this means you can now easily find your stuff, even your stuff is way hidden. The company has also launched a new site, which will help you in finding your phone and other lost items. In simple words, if you misplaced your phone and you don’t have the app, you can use the new site of the company to locate your lost items.