TicketManager raises $20 million in Series B funding

By | November 6, 2015

TicketManager, maker of sports ticket and invitation management software for organizations has announced it raising $20 million in Series B round of funding led by Kayne Partners and Point Judith Capital.


The company TicketManager, which was previously known as Spotlight Ticket Management, is a developer of software that help companies manage their tickets, gift card and invitations in many platform. The software has the potential to integrate seamlessly with its customers’ core enterprise applications, making it simple to make an invite for a client and include the tickets, an itinerary, online check-in, and also a guest list to track who attends the event at the real-time.

TicketManager’s clientele list quite recently included FedEx, Nissan, Konica Minolta, BMO and United States Olympic Committee along with the old clients AT&T, Coca-Cola, American Express, MasterCard, Verizon, Wells Fargo and others. It has teamed up with over 60 professional sports teams and sponsorships with 14 arenas and universities.

With the fresh funds, TicketManager plans to expand its business into new markets and accelerate growth. Tony Knopp, co-founder and CEO of TicketManager said, ” With the latest round of funding, we will continue our rapid expansion domestically and globally by adding to our team, building mission critical technology for our customers, and opening the world’s eyes to just how valuable and easy client entertainment is.

“TicketManager is one of those rare companies that has both the vision and the technical capabilities to change how corporations manage client entertainment,” said Sean Marsh, co-founder of Point Judith Capital. “Client entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry, and companies need solutions like TicketManager to ensure their investments provide the maximum return in new and retained business.”

Nathan Locke, a partner of Kayne Partners, added, “Sales and long-term business come from relationships. Relationships are built by spending time with people, doing the things they enjoy doing. We’ve invested in TicketManager because the potential is huge for a solution that amplifies the impact of relationship building through tickets, events and other client entertainment assets.”