Throw Quest : A Fantasy Dodge ball Game for Windows Phone

By | August 7, 2014

The Throw Quest is an arcade action game, which available in the Windows Phone eco-system. In this epic throwing battle use your skills to defeat your opponents. Easy to play yet challenging, tap with your left thumb to run back and forth, and tap with your right thumb to jump and throw.

Throw Quest is a nicely animated arcade game that’s not a bad time waster of a game. It just needs a little something, something to keep you pulled into the game. You will found in the mainĀ menu of the Throw Quest there are some options such asplay the game, visit the games’ store, view the local leaderboard, access the game’s settings (sound/music) and view the help screen.


In the game screen you will find that theĀ find, from left to right, your health meter, points, gold collected and enemy stats (defeated/total number). The Throw Quest is played out in multi-level fashion sending you across a handful of different worlds, each with unique and dangerous enemies to battle. This game has several levels of play, you start each gaming session at the first level and passing each level the game become harder and harder.

In the gameplay you will get a wide range of enemies ninjas to witches to what appears to be the neighborhood bullie. Some opponents will drop like a fly with only one hit while others require multiple hits before they go down. Each battle level will end with a Boss that will take numerous hits before they go down. The app is available free to download, if you want to download then can click here!