Things to know about LG G3 for New Users

By | July 14, 2014

If you are a new user for LG G3, then you should know some things of this Smartphone that is how to use this smartphone full pledge. If suppose you are not aware of this Smartphone this article gives you the important information how to use this mobile easily.

The Display How if effort the battery life or not

The phone comes with 5.5 inch QHD resolution with 1440 x 2560 pixels makes the displays amazing, surely it is little probably to watch and plat movies and games, photos which you are viewing on it. Most of the time you are going to look at the best display ever put on a smartphone to this date. better yet all those pixels 543 pixels per inch, if you are counting don’t seen to have had a detrimental effect on battery life.

How to Customize on screen buttons

Generally LG offers on screen back, home, Recent applications on the screen, Firstly you need to find the Home touch buttons menu with the help of settings, If you are using the default tabbed view, go to Display tab then tap ‘ Home touch buttons’. If you are using the list view, tap “Display then scroll down to Home touch buttons in the next menu that appears. The below steps gives you the button combinations.

The button combination menu you to rearrange the default back, home and task-switching keys and add uo to two more from the below following

  • Notifications: Pulls down( or rolls up) notification shade, useful if you want to avoid reaching the top of the screen to see your notifications.
  • Quick Memo+: Launches LG’s note taking app, taking a screenshot of the current app and allowing you to annotate it.
  • Qslide: Gives the quick access to the Qslide menu, which shows a grid of windowed apps you can drag around the screen.
  • Dual Window: LG’s split screen multitasking feature. This button brings up the interface for the dual window allowing you to drag supported apps to the top or bottom portions of the screen.

How to Control TV with Your Phone

This is one of the highlight feature in this mobile, by using the infrared port and build in quick remote app you can easily control the TV with your Phone. LG has also put some serious work into Quick Remote for the G3 and it looks a lot nicer than its previous incarnation on the G2 same features, great new look.

How to take screen shot 

Taking screen shot in this mobile very simple when compare to other mobile if you know the trick, There are two methods to take the screen shot by using the either buttons on the back or LG’S QMemo feature. Click on the below link to know more about how to take screen shot.

 How to take screen Shot





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