The Weather Channel App for Android

By | May 5, 2014
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The Weather channel App is application used to find the weather in the current location of the device, this application you can get through Google play store of your Android devices. This application one of the most popular in the Android market. Using of this application is very easy, There are many applications similar to the Weather Channel but the favorite feature includes our trusted forecasts help you plan your day, week even the next hour with hourly 10 day forecasts both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

weather channel

How it works

  • first thing you have to do is, download this app from the Google play store after that this will installed automatically.
  • After the installation an Icon will appear on the screen of your Android Device, If you click on icon of the weather Channel the app will open.
  • On the top of the Screen their will be search option to search the location to be add,The options like Maps, Now, Videos, Forecast is present below that search bar.
  • Click on Maps map will be open, below that their will a plus symbol indicating Add location. By using that Add location you can add the location which you need.
  • Now will show the Current location weather details that includes every thing like Wind, Humidity, sunrise, sunset, Dew point.
  • In videos you will get the videos related to climatic conditions.
  • In forecast it will show the current location’s next ten days climatic conditions including every thing as I mentioned earlier.


  • Very easy to use
  • maps
  • video forecast
  • Hourly 36 hour and 10 day forecast


  • Lack of options and settings.


Overall this application will be very useful for the users, easy to understand not much difficulties and also you can set multiple location set on this screen making a quick reference which you need. I can say that this application will be definitely useful.

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