The portable particle accelerator can be created



Usually Particle accelerators are pretty big machines that acquire lots of space, but a new breakthrough by the researchers from University of Maryland can be used to make a portable particle accelerator. This breakthrough may help researchers in constructing less expensive and portable particle accelerator.

Physicist from the university have done this by accelerating electron beams to nearly the speed of light by using the record low-energy, which is equal to the amount consumed by the normal household bulb in one millisecond.

Howard Milchberg, the senior author of the paper published in Physical Review Letters said, “Because the laser energy requirement is so low, our result opens the way for laser-driven particle accelerators that can be moved around on a cart, if you increase the plasma density enough, even a pipsqueak of a laser pulse can generate strong relativistic effects.”

The cart sized supercollider of the team won’t be on the wheels anytime soon. One should not compare these portable devices with the large particle accelerator, but it can be used in medical fields and some other areas. This device will be very useful, where one requires less expensive, less complex and portable particle accelerator. This means that we may see some portable particle accelerator in near future.