The HUB Singapore opens new work space with interesting initiatives


On Tuesday, The Hub Singapore, which provides shelter for many startups has announced its opening up of its new co-working space in the heart of Singapore at 128 Prinsep Street.

Hub Singapore 2

Launched in 2012, The Hub Singapore is a leading co-working space that gives a face to many upcoming startups, social enterprises and technological innovations happening in the country. The company claims to be the one of the largest startup community in the country with more than 500 entrepreneurs and technologists from various channels like e-commerce, creative, educational, technology, service etc.  It boasts to be the first co-working space community in the country that allows online membership for the businesses that does not need a physical space to pool resources and work with other members when needed.

The Hub is expanding its work space, introducing various business schemes and planning to accommodate and support the increasing number of startups and business owners in Singapore. With captive designs and creative neighborhood, the new work space boasts 160 co-working and permanent desks, eight team rooms, six hi-spec meeting rooms and three sound-proof Skype booths. Apart from the prime working areas, it also has open event spaces that can hold around 200 people, a cafe, communal pantry, hot showers and a nap room.

“We are excited to be opening a larger spaces for our community, enabling us to not only serve more entrepreneurs from early stage to mature ones, but also allow us to serve them in more ways,” said co-founder and CEO Grace Sai.

Further to organizing programs and initiatives for the startups,  The Hub also offers tailors programs for larger corporations who look forward to innovate through collaboration. Large corporation who are partnered with The Hub are J.P Morgan, DBS Bank and Procter & Gamble. “This next phase will see us focusing more on collaborations across the ecosystem, especially with corporate who want to connect with startups, the government, venture capitalist, investors and media partners. We have by default stepped into the responsibility of being a network of networks, creating more visibility of different parties that could and should  be working together, because there is always more innovation outside of one’s team than within,” added Sai.

Designed by Greymatters, The Hub has plans to launch the Investor in Residence program and The Hub Alumni Fund sometime this year. Investor in Residence program would provide financial mentoring from experienced fund managers for the startup network community in workspace. Hub Alumni fund is nothing but Hub members reinvesting in Hub members. So far the community has raised around US$214,000 and plans to raise up to US$714,000. Though the number may be small, it sounds promising and would help for the betterment of the workspace and the starts that survive in them.