The Hidden game in Google Chrome, most of us did not know



In this ever changing world of technology, most of us dread when we lose the data connection due to various reasons on our smartphones. What will you do till data connection is resurrected?

You will be seeing the screen which says ‘Unable to connect to Internet’ or ‘You are offline’ with a dinosaur at the back eating cactus on your Android smartphones. You will twitch your fingers and curse the service provider and what not will you do?

Now, I am telling something which you have not observed or noticed on your smart phones. When you are offline on your Android smartphones there is a small game inbuilt which resembles snake game in old nokia phones.


What Google engineers have done, that they have tweaked a small game in your google chrome app. You can check this by going into airplane mode. Once you are in airplane mode, open chrome app in the web the page will display that you are off line or unable to connect to internet.

A display of tiny dinosaur next to cactus will be displayed on the screen. It will be endless racer game, where the tiny dinosaur runs through a desert in a straight line and as a player you have to make the tiny dinosaur to jump over the cactus. If the dinosaur hits the plant, game is over. You can collect as many as points you want, by navigating thru obstacles.