The Flapping Dead Android Game :Review and Download link

By | April 28, 2014

The Flapping Dead Android game is developed by Small Fish Games. As the name The Flapping Dead itself suggests that it is a walking dead remix of the most popular Flappy Bird game. This game is based on the core formula of Flappy Bird which made it addictive. It is the cross between the Walking dead and flappy bird. In this you can jump through the forests to get escape from the Zombies and from the chain chances what we all love from it.

In this game you can play 16 characters and the aim is to stay alive as long as you can against the zombies and the obstacles. Unlock the new characters through out the game an you can also unlock them right away. With all the characters in the game Flappy Bird is fun and simple so that both the fans of show and Flappy Bird can enjoy the game.


Features :

  • One touch and easy to control.
  • 16 characters and need to unlock each of them.
  • You can unlock all the characters at once by using in app purchases.
  • Dark and Scary Zombie apocalyptic environment, which lets you scare and awesome.

How to Play

  • First download the game form the Google Play store and launch the game on your device.
  • There are 16 characters shown and you need to select your favorite character. Most of the characters were unlocked and you can unlock all at once using in app purchases.
  • Gameplay resembles Flappy Bird, you need to keep afloat by tapping the screen and guide your journey through barriers to continue the course. ┬áDon’ t hit the obstacles like trees and zombies.
  • After completing each level you will be some score and an option to try again.

It is a funny game bu will not give the same level of entertainment as of original Flappy bird game, but it is still fun to play the game with more Rick and Zombie birds. There is nothing new in the game, this is a homage to one of the greatest TV shows and most prolific mobile game.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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