TextExpander Keyboard goes live on iTunes for iOS 8


Another third party Keyboard app, The TextExpander keyboard has listed on iTunes for iOS 8 allowing people to save time whiling typing text. Rather than spelling out complete words or phrases, you can type in shortcuts and TextExpander will smartly and intelligently convert and expand that to frequently-used text with precision.


  • Correct typos automatically
  • Insert today’s date with the short abbreviation “ddate”
  • Expand text such as greetings, email signatures, form letters
  • Use multiple snippet groups
  • Expand custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text
  • Works in all Apps via TextExpander custom keyboard
  • Use Dropbox to sync snippets with your Mac
  • Add Predefined Groups such as autocorrect, accented words, Emoji, symbols, HTML, and CSS
  • Advanced features supported in over 60 apps, including Byword, Dispatch, Drafts, Fantastical 2, Launch Center Pro, OmniFocus for iPhone, OmniOutliner for iPad, TaskAgent, and Tap Form.
  • Use TextExpander’s in-app Notes with advanced fill-in-the-blank and formatted text support
  • Automatically send your notes as email, text messages, and tweets

Head over to the iTunes Store to get this app right on your updated iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 8.

TextExpander Keyboard ($4.99) – Download now