TextExpander custom Keyboard announced for iOS 8 launch


Smile makers of popular snippet expansion utility TextExpander and PDF editing tool PDF pen have announce that, TextExpander the company’s mobile version of the app for iPhone and iPad, will feature a custom keyboard on iOS 8, allowing users to expand snippets in any app.

[quote]” under iOS 8 the Text Expandar customer keyboard will work system wide and reliability share snippets with the TextExpander app. This keyboard expand will also included full voice over accessibility support ” [/quote]

we can say this is the one of the big announcement from Apple’s WWDC Custom Keyboard extension will enable third party keyboard to install and use at a system wide level. There is a possibility to manage entirely in iOS settings and they will offer privacy controls for strokes and information transmitted over Internet.

The company showed a preview of a custom TextExpander keyboard with separate lowercase/uppercase keys and the ability to expand pre-configured snippets in any app and in the demo, snippets are expanded in Apple Mail.

Previously, Smile had to rely on a third-party SDK to enable developers to manually add support for TextExpander touch in their apps with iOS 8 and the app’s custom keyboard, any app will be able to switch to the TextExpander keyboard. Smile also announced  public beta program for TextExpander touch 3, launching this week ahead of the app’s update for iOS 8. for more information stay tune.