Tesla plans to launch more super charger stations

By | August 14, 2015


Electric cars are very good for person, who travels short distance like traveling to your nearby office and home frequently. But the main problems of using electric car are finding parking slot, charging point because the areas have become pretty dense and many people are living in the apartments. But don’t worry folks, because the dense area of Manhattan is going to be perfect for electric cars, as the maker of high-end electric cars Tesla Motors have plan to introduce more charging options for the electric cars.

Tesla is planning to partner with almost two dozen garages around the Manhattan to put charging units. These charging points will offer super fast 240 volt chargers, where Tesla electric car owners can charge their cars. This decision of making charger’s point at garages around Manhattan is certainly good news for electric car drivers. These charging points will charge your car quickly than your regular home charging. Expanding the charging points across Manhattan will also help drivers to reduce the route to home. The participated garages in this plan are parking slot at some of the hotels like the Waldorf Astoria.

Tesla has already built the superchargers point along the major highways to charge up your cars while travelling. The company has also been launching its chargers point at parks, resorts and restaurants around the country from last year, these charging points are reportedly called “Destination Chargers”. Alexis Georgeson of Tesla told The New York Times, “We wanted to move to an urban charging network that meets the needs of those who live in apartments or commute into a big city, naturally, Manhattan was the place to try this for the first time.”

This new plan of Tesla will surely give more option to charge their Tesla Model S sedan cars.