Tesla partners with Airbnb to install more charging Units

By | August 21, 2015


Tesla is one of the leading electric manufacturer and installed lots of charging stations for its cars around the world, and to make it even easier for Tesla electric car user to charge their car. Tesla is partnering with Airbnb to install some more electric car charging stations for its Model S cars.

The electric car maker is planning to give free chargers to more than 100 Airbnb hosts, but has some conditions. Airbnb is accepting the applications for installation of Tesla charger. The eligibility criteria for installing a Tesla Charger is that one have to list the entire house, should have at least five bookings and the average rating should be 4+ stars. Then Tesla will pick any of 100 properties from the applications, and then will give them charger costing $750 for free, but they have to pay installation charges ranging from $200 to $900.

Charging stations is one of the most important things for electric cars to be successful, as more is the range of charging stations, more people will feel comfortable driving the charging cars. Tesla’s effort of making charging station in many locations are really commendable and very good for present and future electric car owners. Tesla car owner have more good news to cheer for, as Tesla is also installing charger in different garages in Manhattan along with the new partnership with Airbnb.