Tesla gets approval for its Autopilot in almost all countries

By | October 24, 2015


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla told at the launch of its Autopilot technology that the company will roll out its semi-self driving autopilot features of the vehicles in United States as well as outside the nations once it gets regulatory approval.

Today, Elon Musk has twitted that the company has got regulatory approval for its Autopilot features from all the countries except Japan. His tweet reads, “Regulatory approvals received, so Autopilot rolling out to all countries! (Excluding Japan, which is still under review)” This means that now Tesla Model S owner can let their car drive itself on the highway.

He also announced that the Autopilot 1.01 is also coming soon with better lane tracking on poor roads, curved speed adaption, better fleet learning and controller smooth. His tweet about this reads, “Autopilot 1.01 coming soon: curve speed adaption, controller smoothness, better lane holding on poor roads, improved fleet learning!”

This semi autopilot feature of Tesla is still in Beta phase, so here drivers are asked to keep their hands on the wheel when car navigates the roads and traffic. When the technology gets confused while navigation, it will inform the driver to take over.

The improved version of Autopilot software will help the car in navigating roads in poor conditions or when marks on the road are faded.