Telstra & Roku TV : Cluster of Stan, Presto & Netflix streaming

By | July 29, 2015

The combination of two smart companies would bring an extraordinary innovation. Telstra and Roku to launch its new smart TV called Telstra TV in September, by clustering three major video streaming sites Stan, Presto & Netflix.

Media streaming has become world popular among people, and compilation of multiple streaming sites at one platform is something incredible. Very soon Telstra is going to take charge over Apple and Google with its new launch.

Roku 2 – a device which allows connecting with the TV’s and apps to pull up the shows and video streaming from Netflix, Stan and Presto, however the live sport subscription is restricted but none the less it is providing way too much essentials to the customers, which by itself is remarkable.

Telstra is looking forward to consume media products and services to hold the loyal customers by captivating new internet subscriptions. Thereby people don’t have to spend million dollars to become a media producer.

By chance if Telstra TV hits the board to a wider range, then the Foxtel would be under heavy storm, people will tend to switch from paying more expensive on Pay TV subscriptions to the cheaper streaming services. if Foxtel couldn’t provide them, they have Telstra TV to get hitched on.

Before the launch itself, we can see that Telstra TV is totalling pushing off the pre-existing pay TV subscription.
The brand name is enough sometimes to buy the product and Telstra knows the nerve of the people, teaming up with Roku is a smart move by Telstra, as it has a good brand image, great hardware support and people have been using it quite lately, which gives one more thumbs up for Telstra to move further.

Roku also hosts thousands of streaming apps that provide almost from on-demand channels to niche media services, its an added advantage for the upcoming Telstra tv, it will boost up the publicity of the product and as well as eye catching for the onlookers.

The price is not revealed yet, and it is expected to quote an affordable price which may come around $30 for a monthly streaming subscription, which is not so bad than paying more dollars on Foxtel pay TV subscriptions.

Let’s wait and watch. Fingers Crossed.